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Occurred : 8/1/2004 12:45 (Entered as : 08/01/2004 12:45)
Reported: 7/31/2004 8:43:53 AM 08:43
Posted: 8/11/2004
Location: Sydney (NSW) (Australia),
Shape: Fireball
Fireballs dance in the sky over Sydney Australia

The time is now 1.37 am Sydney Australian time. This incident happened approximatly 45- 50 min ago.

I am a 60 year old professional male I had been out to dinner with some friends and was driving home ( therefore sober) As I was driving home from Sydney to Camden (about 30 mile away) at about 1am this morning.

The night was clear save for a small amount of cloud but was dry and crisp.

I noticed a orange/reddich ball of fire at about 15o above the horizon and about 2000 feet away from me, on my left comming towards my direction , but at a parrallel line it was then joined by a second ball of simliar size and shape. At first I thought it was the afterburners of a low flying military aircraft, but there were no other lights of any description. I stopped my car and got out to obtain an uninterupted look.

The lights moved from right to left and in a northerly direction, they were both clearly conrolled by some sort of intellegence. they stopped and hung in the sky for about 2 min and then moved upwards and to teh left or right. The one on the left then moved to a higher altitude approximatly 1-2 mile high and then moved away at such a great speed that it was clear that nothing we ( ordinary mortals ) know of as being made by us.

I immediatly made a call to the Sunday Telegraph Newspaper and reported the incident and also tried to ring the Kingsford Smith Airport but was unable to get the number.

I have absoleutly no doubt that these objects were controlled by a some sort of intelligence, They were definatly not fire balls or swamp gas , they were objects being controlled by some sort of intellegence.