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Occurred : 8/3/2004 15:30 (Entered as : 08/03/2004 15:30)
Reported: 8/3/2004 4:01:31 PM 16:01
Posted: 8/11/2004
Location: Mojave, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 seconds
15:30 observed 2 spheres flying high altitude from west to east. VERY fast, passing below sun I could see spherical shape

Was observing stealth fighter at aprox 15:30 flying from east to west over Mojave, aprox 7 to 10 thousand feet. While watching the craft I followed it into the sun. Using my hand to shade the sun I observed it pass below heading west when at that moment two objects appearing as silvery spheres were observed flying VERY fast from west to east far above the stealth. The sun caught them at an angle that I could see them for about 5 seconds, and as they headed into clear blue skies I lost sight of them. The stealth appeared to be flying at aprox 300mph, the spherical objects were very much higher, I would guess 20,000 feet maybe and travelling 5 to 6 times faster (visually across the sky) than the stealth. Could not guess actual speed. They were flying at nearly same speed but not exactly.