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Occurred : 8/7/2004 15:30 (Entered as : 08/07/2004 15:30)
Reported: 8/7/2004 10:19:38 AM 10:19
Posted: 8/11/2004
Location: Manchester (UK/England),
Shape: Oval
Oval silver shaped object darts left to right and vanishes

I was sitting in the garden and heard a loud noise like a low aeroplane, and decided to have a look for it. As I looked I couldn`t see anything, then I noticed a silver oval shaped aircraft overhead of me. The shape was going at quite a speed so i carried on watching for a while at the same time thinking it couldn`t possibly be an aeroplane. The object carried on flying, then suddenly stopped, it hovered for a few seconds then darted very fastly to the left and hovered for a while, then, went right and did the same, then it went back to where it had started and just vanished. It was an extemley clear day with not a cloud in the sky, so the whole incident was very clear to see.