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Occurred : 8/8/2004 15:30 (Entered as : 08/06/2004 15:30)
Reported: 8/9/2004 12:21:05 AM 00:21
Posted: 8/11/2004
Location: Fargo, ND
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1 second
Large, bright silvery object moving very rapidly inside chemtrail.

On the afternoon of the date noted above, I was helping my neighbor repair his backyard fence which had been downed by a windstorm. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, with bright blue skies and a few of those puffy marshmallow-type clouds so typical of summer in these parts. I was using my body weight to brace an upright from behind, while my neighbor drilled screws into the fence sections from the other side, and had my head turned to the left facing west. I noticed a persistent contrail (a "chemtrail") was being laid in the western sky, coming in my direction, so I kept my eyes on it, as I had nothing better to do and realized in short order that this particular chemtrail was rather unusual: it was what researchers into this phenemonon refer to as an "intermittent" chemtrail - in other words it was not a single long contrail but rather was broken up into many shorter pieces almost like a morse code in the, space, dot, space, dash, space, dot, space, dash, space, dash, etc. - obviously *not* an ordinary contrail. The plane itself was quite difficult to see immediately in front of its trail, and for some reason seemed to be most visible in the intervening open spaces. I finally lost the plane and leading edge of the trail behind some nearby buildings in the backyard, but the intermittent chemtrail itself was very cohesive and retained its shape so I kept watching it to see if another plane would come over the horizon. I had in mind to compare a follow-up contrail to the first. After watching for 2 or 3 minutes, I was stunned to see a very large and bright silvery object shoot through an open space in the original chemtrail path, in other words from one side of the trail, through an open space, to the next section of the chemtrail. Whatever this thing was, it was obviously following the trajectory of the chemtrail perfectly. I was unable to see any wings on this craft nor was I able to hear any sounds from it, but it obviously was metallic as inferred by the very bright silvery flash it made when out in the open and reflecting the sun. The entire sighting actually lasted less than one second, and if I hadn't been lucky enough to be looking in precisely the right spot I never would have seen it. By the way, I referred to my sighting as "cigar-shaped" but that impression may have been due simply to the speed of the sighting...this event happened so quickly that it's possible I suppose, that the object could have been almost *any* geometrical shape.


Mr. Davenport, this is a correction and an addendum to my original report filed recently, from Fargo, ND. The correct date of my sighting was Sunday, 8 August, 2004, and not the 6th as I'd originally entered.

My sighting as I've stated happened very very quickly, but after running or looping it over and over again through the camera of my mind, I came up with a few more details: I actually saw the craft twice. The first time was a very bright flash, which alerted me to focus my attention on that small area of the sky. This was obviously a result of the bright sun reflecting off of the surface of this bright silvery craft and also occured in a gap of the chemtrail, but more distant. A very brief interval later, the craft came shooting out the end of another break in the chemtrail in plain sight but moving very fast. For some reason the dark band running from the front to the back of the craft that I mentioned in my original report, has now resolved itself in my mind to be a row of very dark windows which also reflected the sunlight, and the shape of the craft seems nearer an ovoid or large circlular shape rather than cigar-shaped. Also and for what it's worth, it almost seems as if the craft STOPPED for the briefest of intervals, the instant it breeched the chemtrail and then continued on its way, but this may only be my mind trying to explain to itself something highly anamolous.