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Occurred : 7/1/1973 21:00 (Entered as : 07/01/1973 21:00)
Reported: 8/22/2004 1:09:05 AM 01:09
Posted: 8/24/2004
Location: Macon, GA
Shape: Disk
Duration:Under 1 minute
Joint Post-GUFOG/MUFON-Debriefing of Witness-Probable Wave of 1973

Witness Debriefing- Probably retro to the "UFO Wave of 1973".

GEORGIA UFO GROUP- Joint post of 2002 witness account via MUFON of Georgia inquiry.

The below described inquiry and witness debriefing was conducted by this investigator during my tenure as Georgia Director of MUFON.

On 20April02, this investigator received a WUFOD report from a former Georgia resident then living in Minnesota. Over the course of April-May 2002, this FI communicated in detail with the witness via email, telephone, and U.S. Mail.

The witness stated that in 1973 or 1974, she was a 27 YOA mother and home-maker living in suburban MACON GEORGIA. Her husband (now deceased) was an aviator and away from home at the time of the event. Her husband's cousin and family lived very close-by.

(Investigator's Note: Macon is one of the larger Georgia cities, sitting astride north-south I-75 in our state's "center mass", with Warner Robbins AFB being about 14 miles due south, mostly very flat terrain).

WITNESS ACCOUNT - During the evening in question, the witness said it was very warm, the sky was clear, but with some clouds, perhaps above 5000 feet. The witness stated that she had put her baby to bed, fixed a glass of iced-tea and proceeded outside to sit on the patio in the dark. Within a short time, she noticed a GLOW coming across the tree tops to the SW, proceeding TOWARD her, and while enroute, passing directly over the parking lot of the "Disabled American Veterans" organization, which was located ACROSS the N-S road from her E-W residential street. Witness continued, stating that the GLOW was LOW-LEVEL and SILENT, continuously moving toward her in a SWIFT manner. As she watched the approach, the glow resolved itself and she observed a THICK LENS SHAPED OBJECT heading right toward her position. This object was still SILENT and steadily GLOWING in a bright YELLOW-ORANGE color......also described as AMBER. As it passed directly OVER the witness, she was able to determine from UNDERNEATH that is was actually a ROUND saucer-like craft, additionally described as being "gigantic", like two ranch style homes placed together (WUFOD data fields.... ACTUAL SIZE-300 ft.; ALTITUDE-500 ft.+). Witness observed NO fuselage protrusions, portholes or the like.

At that time, the witness became nervous, ran inside and locked the door. She went to her rear bathroom window and watched as the craft departed, continuing on over the nearby homes to the NE.

The next day, she discussed the matter with her husband's cousin who told her that along with his wife and kids, he too had observed something similar. They debated if it was the same object, but the witness does not recall their final conclusion. She DOES recall a newspaper or TV news report about it, saying several other people described similar observations in Macon from that night.

OTHER RESEARCH- GUFOG investigator Officer Michael D. Hitt spent three years of intense research, focusing year by year, on ALL locally reported UFO phenomenon in Georgia from 1947 through 1987. This resulted in his 1999 publication documenting this activity (appx. 250 accounts). The period of 1973 in Georgia reflected the SAME TYPE of activity as that being reported nationally......."The Wave of 1973" it is described by some of the top American researchers, Ronald Story, Peter Davenport, Dick Hall, Stanton Friedman, Jerome Clark, et al.

1973 in Georgia found reports POURING in from citizens, motorists, MANY law enforcement officers, pilots, reporters and news crews. These reports were being made to the various media, local police and other officials. Numerous of these reports were from central and south Georgia, including the MACON area where our primary witness lived.

This writer was a police Patrol Officer in 1973 and during the summer and autumn of that year, had been routinely assigned to temporary administrative duties after shooting and killing a deranged gunman. While working at night in the radio center during this period, MANY teletype messages from central and south Georgia were monitored as various agencies had patrol units actively pursuing and reporting "unknowns" from county to county. This included the MACON and central Georgia area where the witness lived and made her observation. A few of these teletype messages were preserved by this writer (if conditions had permitted, ALL would have been preserved!).

Due to the above circumstances, this writer feels that the MACON witness' report is PROBABLY part of the "1973 Wave", even though she cannot remember the exact date or year......stating either 1973 or maybe 1974.

The MACON witness was forthright and above board in ALL of her accounting and conversations with this investigator. The witness' OUTSTANDING writing ability and diction was traced to growing up and being educated in England AND Europe. She did not muck about, being intelligent, observant and concise. One highly credible lady.

I imagine that bits and pieces from the "Wave of 73" and other eras will probably continue to come in and undergo some form of scrutiny by GUFOG or my friends and associates in MUFON of Georgia. Credible witnesses, such as described in this report, will hopefully add more pieces to the 1973 Georgia puzzle.

As always, any past or present citizens of Georgia that might have information related to these events, can contact me at the GUFOG office in Fayetteville Georgia--- 678-817-4555; or email at <<<<>>>> GUFOG WILL HOLD THE IDENTITY OF ALL WITNESSES CONFIDENTIAL.

Thank You.

Tom Sheets, Director/GUFOG

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Tom Sheets, Director of Georgia UFO Group, for sharing the report with NUFORC. Date in 1973 or 1974 is approximate. PD))