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Occurred : 8/21/2004 22:30 (Entered as : 08/21/2004 22:30)
Reported: 8/23/2004 11:03:44 PM 23:03
Posted: 8/24/2004
Location: New Fairfield, CT
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 minutes
Triangular grouping at high altitude slowly moves and vanishes

Object appeared to be 3 stationary stars in an isosolise triangle, non-blinking and continuous in size, shape and orientation. These lights appeared to slowly start moving east and were at extreamly high altitude, no sound, object was huge and avoided all existing stars perfectly so that none were blocked out as it traversed the clear sky. (Milky way was visible) Object made a question mark course towards the southern sky where the lights quickly vanished before our eyes, it was as if the lights were turned off on purpose almost directly over us but slightly to the south. I kept saying, that I can't believe it is missing all the other stars... so that we could see it block one out. It came extreamly close to several stars that would have been blocked if the triangle would have been a perfect triangle, we were waiting to see if some of the object would block those, indicating a larger shape than the lights outlined, but this did not occur. I am 48 years old ex-USAF electronics tech and the altitude was so high that the area inside the stars/lights appeared to be the same color as the space around it not darker as with a lower object. I beleive this object should have been seen nationwide and could have been as large as several miles to several hundred miles across, if the altitude was 80+ miles to being in deep space. It was if some thing took these stars and wanted to remove them from the sky, by sliding them off of the star map while no one was looking! A slight variation in each of the star/light colors was visible a slight yellow, green/blue shift. I can't beleive any observatories or radar installations did not catch this.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the witness may have observed the three satellites, thought to be part of the U. S. Navy's "NOSS" satellite system. They have been reported multiple times to the National UFO Reporting Center during August 2004. PD))