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Occurred : 8/29/2004 19:35 (Entered as : 08/29/2004 19:35)
Reported: 8/29/2004 6:42:50 PM 18:42
Posted: 9/1/2004
Location: Omemee (Canada), ON
Shape: Oval
Duration:10 seconds
A low dark cloud that moved from west to east, changed direction, changed direction again to west to east until it was out of view.

At aprox. 7:35pm my wife and I were sitting on the end of our dock, my wife fishing and myself just sitting there waiting to admire a sun set. My dock faces almost straight north and our property is at the south end of Pigeon Lake looking down the lake, not accross it. The sky to the north was fairly cloud covered and to the north east it looked as though a thunder storm was brewing. As I looked north towards a couple of boats fishing about 200 meters from our shore I spotted what looked like a dark cloud very low in the sky moving quickly from west to east in the distance behind the boats. As I was just about to point it out to my wife, it suddenly stopped and changed direction and began moving east to west, after a short distance it changed direction again to travel west to east. At this time my wife saw it to and we watched it continue east and out of sight. I ran to the house and got my digital camera but after an half an hour or so of waiting and watching nothing appeared. My wife and both agree we have never seen anything like this before and are at a loss to explain it. I am useally a logical person and believe that all things can be explained but I'm stomped. I would glady take a lie detector test to recount what I saw. An explaination would greatly be appriciated. Thanks.