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Occurred : 8/30/2004 14:10 (Entered as : 08/30/2004 14:10)
Reported: 8/30/2004 1:37:44 PM 13:37
Posted: 9/1/2004
Location: Englewood, CO
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
Oddly-behaving white sphere once again seen in Denver area

I am hesitant to report this, if only because it seems that when I look, I see another. I have reported this type of event several times over the past month. Once again, I was looking east from my back patio. The sky was mostly blue with a few patchy areas of high clouds. I see the starlike object again, like a small point of light; through binoculars it looks like a whitish sphere. I am an avid skywatcher and am very adept at spotting tiny objects in the sky; no one else would have likely seen this unless they'd been deliberately looking closely. In fact between trying to find it in the binocs (my arms get tired holding the binocs up) and looking with naked eye, it was not easy to keep track of; yet it remained very nearly stationary for about 2 minutes. As I was looking at it through binoculars, it very quickly took off moving to the south/southeast. I did not take my eyes off it until it went past the line of my roof, which took roughly 15 to 20 seconds. So from stationary to very rapidly moving, yet again -- as reported earlier in the month.

I was not going to report the following but since I'm submitting something, about a half-hour prior to the white sphere sighting of today, I also saw a metallic red sphere, also seemingly motionless and very high in the sky (hard to notice). Could not tell through binocs whether it was a red mylar balloon or what; but I lost sight of it and couldn't find it again after just a minute or two. Four minutes later, at 1.32 PM, I saw an aircraft fly overhead and over the area of the sky in which I'd seen the red sphere: in the direction of DIA (to the northeast). Some aircraft today have been leaving short contrails, others have not. This was leaving a contrail, two streams rather farther apart than a normal aircraft; I looked through binoculars and what I saw took me by surprise. This was some sort of military craft I'm sure; a dull gray, flattened triangle. There was no fuselage; it was just a large gray wing, much wider than long, with the shorter point of the triangle in the direction of flight. The sound was similar to a regular jet, although it did seem to rumble a bit longer than I would have expected as it disappeared in the distance. I got a good look at it; it was definitely no ordinary airplane or jet.