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Occurred : 8/1/2004 22:30 (Entered as : 01/08/2004 22:30)
Reported: 9/23/2004 4:21:43 PM 16:21
Posted: 9/29/2004
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 seconds
Three orange triangles appear, perform aeronautically impossible manoeuvres, then flying off at great speed.

I live in South London, England, and was greatly surprised to read the account of a sighting on July 29th, in Chelsea, just up the road from MY stamping-ground, Brixton.My experience occurred the following night.The whole weekend of July 30th had been very hot, and the Saturday night was no exception. Taking advantage of this, my wife and I decided to take a late evening stroll. This would have taken place between, I guess, 10.30 - 11.30pm - although,unfortunately,I wasn't wearing a watch at the time.

We left the house in Brixton, and finished up in a small park nearby on the Brixton/Stockwell border. Lying on the grass, looking up at the stars, my wife, ((name deleted)) started asking the names of some of the things we were looking at.

Many years ago, I had a fleeting interest in Astronomy, and enough of this remains to be able to identify things like the Pole Star, and a few of the planets, so I gamely dived in, doing my best.

I had made a couple of convincing astronomical stabs, when I noticed what I took to be a flight of birds, very high above us. They were obviously white, because they were reflecting the lights of the city, magnified by the pollution of the last few hot days.

I wondered aloud what sort of bird could fly so high at night, and what it would use for navigation.

As we continued watching, the 'blobs' suddenly resolved into three tiny objects (I could have fitted all of them on my thumbnail) like big triangles with a smaller tail behind.

They flew in a diamond formation for a few seconds, and then one of them broke ranks and moved to a position diagonally opposite the other two. This movement was really extraordinary; I have never seen any aircraft perform it.

The object moved across the sky extremely quickly, and in an absolutely straight line, as if being pulled on a wire.

A moment later, the other two UFOs joined the first, and flew on for another few seconds, followed by two pairs of wildly curious eyes on the ground.

As we looked, the three objects then flew straight into each other to form a ball, then split apart again, flying off in different directions. Finally a third one streaked straight up, away from the other two, in a crazy 'stunt-flying' manoeuvre, flipping and twisting, as if showing off to the others. We lost the first two UFOs at this point, and after its aerobatic performance, the third object seemed to slide off into some low cloud or mist, and we lost that one too. The whole experience lasted no more than thirty to thirty five seconds.

I am forty-two years old and work as a videotape editor, my wife is a forty-year-old TV production manager, we are both extremely qualified professionals in an industry that positively encourages cynicism and suspicion. We are not given to flights of fancy, and certainly did not wish for a close encounter of the first kind on a late-night walk round Brixton.However, we are utterly unable to explain what we DID see. It certainly wasn't no weather balloon, tho'! As an afterthought, I must mention one last thing, if only as a foil to the unidentified aircraft' enthusiasts among us. Thirty seconds after this extraordinary display, a REAL plane went by, and I thought it lumbered across the sky like an airborne steam-train after the extraordinary aerial ballet we had just witnessed. I noticed that even though the plane was flying comparatively low, there was no reflection from the streetlights whatsoever. Judging by the size of my UFOs, they were tens of thousands feet higher than that plane, yet they were lit with an orange light that I misinterpreted as streetlight - this can only mean that they had their OWN light source, i.e. they were glowing.

How many glowing planes have YOU ever seen?