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Occurred : 11/5/2004 05:15 (Entered as : 11/05/2004 5:15)
Reported: 11/5/2004 8:29:50 PM 20:29
Posted: 11/9/2004
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Shape: Fireball
2 bright lights spherical fireball type shape close together high up in the sky and seemed to not be moving, not stars or planes though

My name is ((name deleted)) i am 28 yrs old and have lived in the philly area for three yrs now. i was born and raised in maryland. I'm now attending college for culinary arts. I have lived in a high rise penthouse apartment for almost 27 months now. What I saw this morning was different then anything I have ever seen in my lifetime. I've seen shooting stars from my apartment balcony which faces southwest. I look out my huge window daily and nightly to catch glimpses of the beautiful philly skyline that i have from my apt. I can see the airplanes turn and descend then land at the airport from my apt. Especially on clear nights I can see them coming and going extremely well as they pass back behind the skyline.Another thing is I'm constantly checking outside for good shots to take of the changes in the season with the leaves and the city with my digital camera. This morning at around five am I got out of bed to get a drink of water, as I was pouring the water I was thinking to myself what a cool night it was and how it was probably really clear out. so I walked over to my balcony window and looked outside as I drank my water. I noticed it was extremely clear out and almost twilight. Although it was still dark out I noticed that it was going to be a clear day to come. I could see the blueness of the sky along with some puffy little clouds about too. As i was looking at the blueness of the sky and thinking to myself how it was pretty amazing how I could see the color in the sky even though it was still dark out. Then I noticed two extremely bright lights that were very close to each other. they were too bright too be planes and on clear nights you can clearly make out the shapes of planes, and also see the flashing lights on most of them. Although it was clear there wasn't much to see of any stars like in the summer time. these were not moving at all, if so very slow then. Not stars, not planes, not a helicopter, these were way too high up for that. They were extremely bright though, I was thinking to myself that someone else must be viewing them also. They were almost as bright as the moon when it is half full. I watched them for about ten minutes looking about thge rest of the sky at the same time looking for stars or planes to try to determine what it could be, I knew it wasn't something normal, it was interesting enough for me not to want to go back to bed, so I proceeded to go and quickly charge my dead video camera battery for a few mins. I then returned to record the footage. They were still there too close together to be airplanes, and besides they weren't moving, but they weren't stars. i taped them for about ten to fifteen mins. I zoomed in on them with my cam. very bright white light surrrounded with what looked like some type of fire or electronic field of energy. Then they both dissapeared for a moment, or so I thought, that's when I noticed that they were indeed moving because they had passed behind a cloud briefly just very very slow. I started to wonder if they could be sattelites or something, but why two so close together, and why did they move so slowly, yet seem to never change the distance between them. Then I thought maybe some type of anti-terrorism patrol craft that the military is testing or something. what better time to do it then 5am when normal working people aren't quite awake yet, and the partiers are sleeping. Not as much chance for someone sighting it. I've seen numerous planes in the sky flying about the city around a month ago with what looked like spotlights on them flying around the philadelphia skyline, but they were moving quickly enough to tell that they were defintly moving. They also were much, much closer to the ground. These I don't know what they were. In read some other ufo reports and there is one on sept. 23rd 2004 in Hartland that sounds very similar to the two objects that I saw. I remeber starting to get tired after watching them for about thirty minutes and turned the camera off and went to bed. I should have stayed up to finish watching them but was too tired. Please respond to me and let me know if anyone else has seen what I saw. thanks ((name and number deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter. PD))