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Occurred : 11/7/2004 23:59 (Entered as : 11/07/2004 0:00)
Reported: 11/8/2004 6:28:24 AM 06:28
Posted: 11/9/2004
Location: Ile Bizard (Canada), QC
Shape: Other
Duration:all night ...fading by da
"And the glory of the object shone round about us" 360* of magnificent light rays that touched each horizon.

This compares to a similar sighting in June 1982. Montreal Expos hosted the annual all star league game.

At midnight Nov 7th ( sunday night, our telephone rang , my 17 year old son answered. It was his sister on the phone telling him to "wake Mom, there is a magnificent aurora outside" He folloed her request and imediately came to get me out of bed to come out to look with him. I love all celestial phenomena and since I had alredy been woken by the telephone, I got up to look with him. Before I even opened the back door, I was obvious that there was something spectacular overhead, as I could see incredible distinct rays touching down on the horizon behind our home. I opened the door and we both observed that the rays were now all around us , 360* ! "Wow ! He exclaimed...What is Northern Lights anyway ?" I told him that there are many theories, that it didn't matter because this was not northern lights. And as the verse resounded in my brain, the words spilled out of my mouth..."And the glory of the lord shone 'round about them, and they were sore afraid" "What..What... What the hell are you talking about ?" "Mom you are freaking me out" I recound the sighting that his father and I shared on that night in 1982 ... It's exactly the same ! What we saw last night was a central swirling light emiting source. Rays of light radiating from its periferal. It had several central lights like that from an airplane or boat would have in indicating port or starbord sides . There were six or seven such lights.

In our initial sighting , these such lights seemed to be hovering and moving in and out from this central port of swirling mist/cloud.

Last night , I was really spooked, as I was sure I knew this was the same thing, which we had observed so many years ago. We are sure this was a sort of mother ship, with several anex/scout type craft that seemed to be doing reconaisance flights. The Indcredible lights , rays and swirling effects , we concluded , are perhaps a kind of cloaking...radar block ...I don't know.

My daughters account, will no doubt be more spectacular, as she was out in the woods of Ile Bizard , calling and communicating by cell phone with other friends in other regions whom she also allerted of the phenom.

My husband wakes every morning at 4:45 am, I got up with him, and the light rays were still prominent in the sky.

This morning, I have spoken to a few people who have heard of, or that they observed nothern lights last night. Their sighting was much earlier , aprox 8:00 pm and in the area of the laurentian mountains, St.Sauver area. Their party did dispute the idea that what they witnessed was not typical of any norther lights they had ever seen in their region before.