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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/25/2004 23:15 (Entered as : 11/25/1904 23:15)
Reported: 12/6/2004 6:30:33 PM 18:30
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: San Marcos, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:1-2 Minutes
Orange Light over Highway 78

I was alone outside on my deck looking up at the sky and east towards Escondido. I live directly under the flight path for Palomar Airport and I'm accustomed to seeing aircraft flying overhead as they make their approached. I looked up in the distance and I saw one little light in the distance. It was bright orange and appeared to be stationary or moving very slowly over highway 78. I was very puzzled what this could be? A plane or helicopter would have distinctive flashing lights, but this was just one orange light all by itself and no aircraft attached to it! After a minute the light seemed to drop in heighth and disappeared from my view heading in a southeast direction. I dont know if I saw a UFO, but it definitely was out of the ordinary and now I'm going to look at the night skies a lot more and keep my camera handy!