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Occurred : 11/26/2004 05:00 (Entered as : 11/26/2004 5:00)
Reported: 12/9/2004 4:03:18 PM 16:03
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: Seaford/Millsboro (from/to)Millsboro, to Rehobot, DE
Shape: Light
Duration:40 minutes or more
Light followed car from start of journey to destination, stopping when vehicle stopped and so forth.

Was looking at your site and got really freaked out when I read this entry..

Occurred : 9/23/1999 14:00 (Entered as : 092399 1400) Reported: 9/24/1999 19:21 Posted: 3/21/2003 Location: Millsboro, DE Shape: Egg Duration:45minutes Followed vehicle and occupants from Home to destination approximately 30 to 40minutes away. Stopped when vehicle stopped and appeared to hover.

There was only one object. It was similar to an egg silver in color with what appeared to be a orange stripe on the side. It would stop when the cars occupants stopped and speed up when they came to wooded areas so that it appeared the object was trying to beat them to the clearing.It was "similar to a blimp but a lot smaller minus the passenger area." One witness thought she saw what appeared to be green writing on the side.

*****----my experience was so similar, my husband and I are a bit freaked now.

It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving this year 2004. My husband and I were driving our kids to his sisters house for her to watch them while we tried our hand at Black Friday shopping. It was about 4:30/5 in the morning. We were traveling south east on route 20 in Sussex County Delaware. I noticed this bright ‘star’ on the left side of the road above the woods. My husband commented about how bright it was. I said yeah…it must be the north star…but no that wouldn’t make sense since we were traveling south east. I’m VERY interested in the stars and the sky and UFO’s and such so I kept staring at it because it was so bright…then it crossed the road and was on the right side of the road…I said to my husband “Um…its on this side now…” (I was in the passenger seat) We kept traveling on route 20 towards Millsboro and it was following us. I made the comment as such. It would seem to stop in the sky…then speed up to keep up with us…it stayed in view of my passenger side window the entire time on 20. It was very high in the sky, so that all we could see was like a round..ball of bright light. When we came to the 113 junction to make a right, the object was going straight and made a sharp right, like a 90 degree turn to stay with us. This scared me a bit. I said to my husband “Holy sh*t, its seriously following us…” We were a bit uneasy…but continued on 113 for a bit then turned into the old Acme parking lot to get to his mothers development, on Mitchell Rd. The object was now above a wooded area near the railroad tracks behind the development…to the right of her home. We took our kids in and we came out and I observed the object was still there. I said to my husband “Its hovering over the woods there”…we left making our way down by the bowling alley on Mitchell Rd in town in Millsboro. I looked back and sure enough there it was, following us again. I exclaimed to my husband, “Its following us! Atleast we know its not after the kids (relief)” We turned onto route 24, going from Millsboro to Long Neck to Rehoboth. The object followed us the entire way, doing that stop in the sky, speed up thing as if to keep up with us, but not pass us. There were just a few other cars on the road near Mountaire in Millsboro, I told my husband I didn’t care how fast he had to go, he had to keep up with another car…I didn’t want to be the only car on the road for fear of giving whatever was following us an opportunity to perhaps ‘beam us up’ We stopped at a stoplight and then my husband accelerated very fast to see if the object would do the same, it did. Near the volunteer fire company on 24, I could see the object a little clearer. It was soo bright that it like ‘twinkled’ blue and red but so so the florescent blue light, bright. I noticed as we passed the new high school and nursing school that it would dim, them brighten..then dim..then brighten…I peered close and it reminded me of a lighthouse light..turning…like it was TURNING, the light would dissipate then come back as if it made a full circle. It was too high in the sky to be a helicopter, there was no noise and a normal aircraft would NOT follow our path to Kmart at about 5:30ish in the morning as it was. When we made our right turn onto rt 1, again, the object made a sharp right turn to keep up with us but now it was visible in my husbands driver side window. We went to Kmart and the light stopped right over Kmart. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this since everyone was so preoccupied with getting in line for holiday shopping but I wonder if anyone else traveling the road DID notice. Though it was kind of frightening it was absolutely fascinating to me.

And now since reading such a similar story in the same vicinity, whoa, its mind blowing.