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Occurred : 7/10/2004 04:00 (Entered as : 07/10/2004 4:00)
Reported: 12/9/2004 4:42:51 PM 16:42
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: Cumberland/Ravensdale, WA
Shape: Changing
small morphing lights make half diamond shape then seperate into large blimp like creatures

Hey I read a few of the sightings on your website that reminded me particularly of my sightings in the northern valley of Mt Rainier. When I used to live in Maple Valley Washington me and some good friends would spend a couple nights camping a few miles up some logging roads in a town known as cumberland. I believe the locals call it huckleberry hill its a left turn a bit passed kanaskat palmer state park, the gravel road winds its way up to a rock quarry where we usually stay. Around sunset a strange green meteor came from the east headed west and faded out around the olympic mountain range passed the puget sound. I thought that was strange but of course not strange enough to think twice about. We camped late into the night since none of us could sleep until around 3 to 3:30 am when oddly enough I became adventerous and bothered everyone to drive up further than we ever had into cumberland hills.

We drove a nissan sentra datsun wagon up there so it wasnt in the best shape after climbing the 5 miles yet we agreed to to go anyway, about 1 more mile up and arrived where we now know as huckleberry point. More cities could be seen than before to the west, and to the south mt rainier stood with all of its valley. We all jumped out pretty excited that we had found such a spectacular view. we all had stood around for a couple of minutes when three lights appeared to the lower left side of Rainier. At first glance I mentioned that they were fast moving semis on a long straight gravel road because of the way they appeared. until the back 2 lights as though connected by a piece of elastic, sort of swung themselves passed the leading light and reformed into a straight line. they had to have been moving in excess of 400mph to move ahead of the other lights like that. They appeared to be a little brighter than any stars in the sky but looked like stars nonetheless. The lights traveled all the way across to the right side of the mountain and moved into position to form a triangle. the triangle as a whole then shifted to reveal two more lights and a half diamond shape was revealed, it tilted as a complete object that looked geometrically perfect so the poin of the shape faced the mountain, the light then flared bright red and all the lights seperated. the top light that turned red morphed into 2 lights, and the bottom sets of 2 stayed together....they acted fixed like a pair of eyes, and as they would wander around looking back and forth one eye would dissapear before the other as though they were giant black heads with glowing eyes. One of the pair of lights then dissapeared behind a hill about 300 feet away and about 150 feet tall so the thing was close.

What appeared over the hill still to this day makes me question reality. What we all described as a jelly-fish or octupuss the size of a blimp that was clear like glass with small lights running down along the tentacles and very bright lights for eyes.

I became very frightened but calmed down as it just seemed to wander up check us out and float away. it sort of bobbed around as though it was propelling itself through water. after that all the lights pretty much appeared far away near the mountain moving from place to place, morphing into pairs of 1, 2 ,and 3 and then combining again.we watched them all night until the sun came up all the lights returned to where the original diamond shape had first appeared and landed on a small hill that had been logged away. they appeared like little white dots in the day time occasionally catching the sun and shimmering like a s signal mirror. We all went down with plans to come up the next night with cameras and video tapes which we all had but none of them seemed to work. all we had was a disposable camera in which we snapped a few shots with of the lights the next night when they came out and wandered around again but all the pictures came out completely black with stripes of light going completely across the picture where a dot of light should have been. we kept going up for many months until it eventually became expensive to keep doing so but we all had many encounters with these entity's.

I now live in california, this all took place last summer of 2004. Though I recently went camping with a buddy and around 2 am a bright light appeared on the side of a hill about a mile away, seperated into 2, and they both started wandering around until they reconnected and dissapeared. Seems as though they remembered me as I do them.

Anyway this is all very true and I have read of many similar sightings especially a place called sattva sanctuary. they have videos of some of the EXACT things I saw during all my visits P.S.

we found out there is a highway running through where we witnessed the sighting and after a few days could destinguish cars running along the highway with these things floating above them as though they were chasing them. At times what we thought were planes because of the way they moved steady and blinked with colored lights but either vanished in thin air or moved right towards the lights and dissapeared into them. we had flashlights and tried to signal them by turning them off and on in timed patterns which seemed to catch their attention and other times not. The flashlights would always have trouble turning on and off even with new batteries. And most importantly one thing we did Notice whenever we screamed EX: "Hey over here!" the entity's would follow our echoes as we heard them bouncing through the valley. Everytime we all screamed loud enough for their to be a good echo all the lights would stop what they were doing and all move toward the sound. Its been awhile since the even and I saw so much of them its hard to distinguish everything properly I believe I have submitted these encounters before closer to when they happened.


I remember after the meteor appeared, I found a old piece of card board paper around midnight at the edge of the campsite I picked it up thinking how odd it was to find litter and the the two M&M's guys were standing on one side of a rainbow and a pot of candy at the end. and below it read "See you on the other side," which meant nothing at the time but the next day I kept thinking about how that was some sort of subliminal invitation. Though I accept that this could be my own delusional thoughts after witnessing something so profound.

Also when the lights first made a half diamond and pointed the tip towards the mountain I said "the mountain is gonna explode?" and then the top light flared red.

this could also be coincidence but is worth mentioning.

I remember having a thought in connection with the idea that the mountain was going to explode and the top of the half diamond flaring red. They appeared to be jelly fish with intentions to imply that the mountains eruption would go all the way to puget sound and extend it all the way to Mt. Rainier. This could be my own rationalization as to what happened since the idea of real floating jelly fish seemed impossible even staring right at them.

The Next morning when we were driving down, we saw a total of 8 red identicle ford rangers heading up towards where we camped. All the fords had a logo of a road with a leaf on it, I think it stands for custom built or something. that was more cars then we had ever seen heading up to cumberland at one time.

Also I noticed Weyerhaeuser has a very unusual method of cutting timber unusually close to the northern base of Rainier. Somebody mentioned that weyerhaeser cuts trees in triangular patches so the wildlife can run to the strips of trees inbetween the triangular gaps. This also is possibly coincidental but there were literally hundreds triangles spread across the valley.

During the day where the lights had landed me and one other may have seen a white dot dodging in and out of the treeline but it was too far away to tell.

we brought groups of people up during the months we saw these things they didnt seem to act up as much with larger groups of about 10 or so but I think it was an equal shyness between the people and the UFO's but they always managed to show off a little.

It seemed as though the ufos were alive with emotion and curiosity attemtping to mimick things they saw and interact with us. at times they come very close but appear very small. and sit and hover for hours rocking back and fourth atleast 100 yards away.

One of the original 4 people claimed that when the big jelly-fish peered over the hill for the first time the first night what he claims to be a floating fish with fins all the way down its sides and no fins ontop or bottom like an eel passed right through him. I remember him saying it happened and having trouble breathing but none of us saw it and were standing right next to him so that is also inconclusive.

Many months before this event happened and had never driven passed the quarry because we assumed it was the highest campable place to drive to without a truck.

Late that night what appeared to be infrared goggles clicked on and off over one of the side of the quarry, we all ran up to investigate and when we did someone had run by with a what looked like a potatoe sack with no markings full of sand and slit it open over the fire. when we all looked back the fire was out and we could hear several people moving around the campsite. they also managed to collapse the tent puncture every single can of soda and water we had and slit the rim of the tire so it exploded about 4 minutes after we passed kanaskat state palmer. 2 days later we drove back up with guns because we we all scrambled out of there leaving my friends 6 person tent which was strung up perfectly even though it was torn down when we left also all the small trees that were around the outside of the quarry were cut down and replanted around the tent. we looked around and what appeared to be body sized holes with caps made of woven brush and mud. My mother says before I was born she used to camp with my dad up in the same area when he went hunting and one night a bunch of people with night goggles circles the camp and put out the fire and tore all their gear apart. She filed a report about it and the police said there had been a few cases of what seemed to be secret army operatives playing war games on unsuspecting campers. Supposedly their is a ranger base around where we camped and saw the sighting. All I know is this even was too strange to not mention since it only happened a few months before the sighting.



((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))