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Occurred : 10/14/2004 14:20 (Entered as : 10/14/1904 14:20)
Reported: 12/11/2004 10:29:29 PM 22:29
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: Reno, NV
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 hours
White snake -like plume with objects on either end

This happened on a beautiful windless and cloudless clear day around 2:20 pm. I work at Meadowood Mall and went out to my car in the west parking lot. When I got into my car and looked west, I noticed a thick, white irregular rope-like plume in the sky. It was low in the sky and I thought it might be a stunt plane spewing out a trail. It was moving west to east about a half mile away maybe, and to the north of my position. It move slowly. As it approached closer going towards the Reno airport it was obviously not the smoke coming out of a plane, but two strange objects connected by this snake-like white plume. The substance was not whispy like smoke, but thick and shiny white. This object is a little hard to describe. The best I can explain the the rope-like substance is if a can of shaving cream was shot into a basin of water and then "froze". The object became more vertical, with an ovoid object on top that appeared to be moving a little back and forth as if creating the plume, with the plume in the middle and an orb-like object on the bottom. One of the dock people was dumping garbage in a big dumpster in the parking lot and I got out of my car and brought his attention to it. We both watched and commented on the sheer strangeness of the thing. The object was passing north of us now, and a couple of customers in the parking lot were noticing it too. As the thing headed east, the plume began to tighten up, and become more "straight". I decided to get a couple of employees to come out after watching it for about 10 minutes. When they came outside, the object had attained a higher altitude and was sitting south of the airport close to Rattlesnake Mountain. As we all continued to watch it, an older woman stopped her car by us and asked "what is that thing?" We said it looked like a ufo. She smiled and drove on. By this time I was MIA at the store, so I had to go back inside. I took every opportunity to go back outside and observe the object, which had now turned into a white orb. At 3:30 pm I took my hour lunch, and watched the object for an hour with a friend of mine who popped into work to see me. It moved west of its position south of the airport and closer to us. It appeared to change shape sometimes from an orb to a rod, then back into an orb in a blink of an eye. We saw four or five planes fly near or over the object. They appeared to be taking an interest in the object. At 4:25 or so I had to go back inside. A couple of young guys had stopped thier truck near us and asked what it was we were looking at. As I walked back to the store they were still looking at it. The next day more people at work said they had seen the strange thing also.

It is now 12/11/04 and once again I went to my car around 3:15 pm to take a break and saw another white orb-like object to the north east moving south west towards my position. It moved in a slightly zig-zag way, and sometimes appeared to have a small tail. It looked like it was swimming through the air. It stopped and headed north east then, getting smaller and smaller until it was out of sight. It was a warm still day with few clouds and good visibility. Well, it is after this sighting that I decided to put my two cents in. To be fair, I have had several sightings of these things in Sparks where I live. My unit is almost directly above the flght paths of the commercial airlines. These sightings always happen on clear still days. What they are is anyone's guess, but they seem intelligent and "alive" When people ask me why I have had sightings and they have not, my advise is "look up"!