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Occurred : 12/13/2004 18:27 (Entered as : 12/13/2004 18:27)
Reported: 12/13/2004 7:10:16 PM 19:10
Posted: 12/14/2004
Location: Alexandria, LA
Duration:15-20 seconds
Date: Dec. 13, 2004 Sighting Time: 06: 28 p.m. c.s.t.

Location: Alexandria, Louisiana My wife and I were traveling by SUV over the Purple Heart Bridge from Pineville, LA to Alexandria, LA and commenting on the "sliver of the new moon." We had a clear view of the sky looking east. About 20 degrees to the left of the moon there appeared one light, then two, then three; in horizontal configuration and equidistant apart from one another. The width of the three lights when all of them were illuminated was approximately the distance of half of a full moon. They were brilliant white and several times larger than Jupiter’s appearance. All three stayed on for four or five seconds and then disappeared in unison. Five to seven seconds later and five or so degrees left of the moon one appeared again, then two, then three, in the same configuration and disappeared again. To me, a plane or jet could not have traveled that amount of distance in that amount of time. Then four or five seconds later it happened again, but this time they were back around the 15 or 20 degree location to the left of the moon. Then disappeared all together, again. No trailing like a flare or no colors of green or red. Just 1,2,3 on; stayed on; then all off.

Since we were on the bridge we could not stop, so whether or not they appeared again we can not say because our view became obstructed by city clutter.

Subsequent call to Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Dept. I was told that the military at Fort Polk was conducting flare practice. These were not flares. I have witnessed flares. I don’t expect anything but smoke and mirrors from the military anyway.