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Occurred : 7/15/1978 00:00 (Entered as : 07/15/1978 0:00)
Reported: 12/17/2004 1:20:54 PM 13:20
Posted: 1/19/2005
Location: Santa Fe (Pecos Wilderness), NM
Shape: Light
Duration:15 mins, plus
Dull red giant "bracelet" at Santa Fe Baldy mountain,summer 1978, Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

I studied journalism, learning to answer who, what, when, where, why, how, how much, and how little for 3 college years. I'm 60 now, but not a professionnal journalist. Now I'm an artist.

In probably July (or August) of 1978, I arrived on trail 254, I believe it was, at the base of Santa Fe Baldy mountain, in the Pecos Wilderness, just east of Santa Fe city, New Mexico.

Checked my watch at midnight there, had walked in 4 miles, and here it began. I saw lots of fog upon leaving the tree covered part of the trail, especially to the West, or left of me. In this fog were small, perhaps 1/4 or 1/2 inch across, lights of a dull red color. They started out a foot or two off the ground, and went slowly straight up, to perhaps 4 or 5 feet, then arched over such as a flair gun would create, but I did not see anything like a flare gun. Some lights may have gone farther,up to 10 feet..

These lights moved slower than any rising anything I had ever seen. I could euphemistically say time slowed down for these rising lights. But this is only a description, not a claim of time slowing down.

After watching this for a few minutes, I walked into the area where the lights were, which had ground brush and a few higher bushes, but the lights disappeared before I could reach them. They were spread out over 25 plus feet parallel to the trail, and launching at random intervals. I went back to the trail and waited but no new lights appeared. So I walked further on the trail.

There was considerable fog about, and I turned right to sit on a log and rest. After a while, I saw huge red lights, like balloons 100 feet across each. They were linked by a chain of the same dull red color and its intensity as the "balloons", indeed as the "flair" lights now 50 feet back on the trail. This braclet configuration, was laid across the top of Santa Fe Baldy, as if a giant child had dropped it on the mountain, above its tree line (thus Santa Fe Baldy) so that the center of the bracelet was where the top of the montain was and the braclet's "balloon" fobs were perfectly horizontally surrounding the mountain a few hundred feet down from the top of the mountain. I estimated 2 or 3 such fobs would be behind the mountain, where I could see nothing. I saw either 5 or 7 that were partially or fully in view.

This dull red color was consistent throughout both the fobs and the thin chain that linked them. I was stupefied and opened up a candy bar. There was no noise whatsoever, and I realized there was no 3 dimensional depth to any of the fobs. I took them to be spheres, nevertheless, rather than discs. The fog cleared a small amount and I was more sure of the sphere shapes.

As I sat there some non-corporeal "spirit" type beings, two, one adult male and one apparently teen male,wearing white robes, sort of like the proverbial ghost,floated in from behind me on the left, a foot or so off the ground. I was used to that having extensively practiced mediumship (I become a human telephone between this world and the "spirit world" whether for departed humans or never incarnated intelligent beings) but this appearance was the last thing I expected in this event.

The taller adult one telepathized to me: "Too many doorways!" So what? So what does that mean? Oh... I had been thinking of climbing up for a closer look. Had done it in the daylight before, and even that was rugged. He repeated the warning. Then the shorter, apparent teen (say 17 to 18 years old) said: yes, that I could actually get killed doing it. I thought nonesense, and was unmoved by them. The older one then kept repeating "Too many doorways!" Too MANY doorways, I thought, what does MANY have to do with it? I thought about it for some time and pretended to agree not to make an effort to climb Santa Fe Baldy there that night. The spirits levitated back to where they came from behind me.

I chuckled to myself "Like Hell!" Daddy and Junior came back and Daddy yelled (telepathically): "I said 'Too many doorways!'." I was mad, but yielded. (Damn spirits, I thought, too holy to say more than a word or two. And god forbid there should be a discussion with them. Thank hell for important people! ((No, they weren't demons, just jerks.)) They left and I continued watching. Nothing changed. I saw no movement. I realized the fog probably obscured the dull red something from being seen at all down below some 3,000 feet in Santa Fe. I watched some more, got bored, remembered if this were a ufo something, its power system could be extremely dangerous, and so decided not to spend the night nearby.

I walked away from the mountain for 2 miles and arrived at my reserved camp site at 2am, and the walk was hard because I felt very tired. I couldn't figure out why I should be so tired, and this walk seemed to take forever. Then, when I got to Spirit Lake, on the near side, I had to walk through a group of 15 or so, late-high school or early college age kids, 2 or so of which were girls. They had no camping equipment, but 2 or 3 other young guys did. I went through them and followed the shore of the 50 yard-acrosss-lake to the far side.

There I resolved to awake at 10am completely refreshed. I ate a bit, zonked out, and woke at 10 am "completely refreshed." Only the kids with gear were on the far side of the lake, groggily rising. The 15 kids were nowhere and I guessed they were at a camp somewhere not too far away. I ate, packed up, and walked back the way I came, without incident, to the car six miles away.

That's all, for that situation, at least.

There's a lot more, best for another time, when I have more energy. I'm 60 years old and this happened 28 years ago. Thank you for reading.

((NUFORC Note: Date of sighting is approximate. PD))


Part 2 of seeing dull red light at Santa Fe Baldy mountain in July 1978.

Part 2. I am the person reporting dull red light on Mountain Santa Fe Baldy. I am the journalism backgrounded writer.

Loose ends for part one. in 1978, when this occurred,I didn's need, nor used any prescription, nor any hallucinogenics.

As I said, the next morning I woke about 10am, very rested and refreshed, ate and headed back by the same route I came in the night before. No manifestation of the dull red light was anywhere. Everything was completely normal.

The next night in Santa Fe, I saw the same dull red light, in the sky in the southern area of Santa Fe. This time it was a single light, going on and off like a plane might do. Due to the dull red color it appeared slightly fuzzy, and was heading south, slowly, like a light airplane might appear to move.

Off and on for several nights, weeks, a few months such appeared in the night sky. In late 1978, I moved to Denver, CO. With some friends I went during the summer on an overnight backpacking trip in the mountains, about 100 miles west of Denver. That night I saw another one of the dull red lights flying in the sky.

I stopped bothering to look for them. But, 20 years later, I saw a red light and heard a simultaneous sound of a light plane engine, for a few seconds. It was also dull, located just above the buildings east of the intersection of E. Evans and S. University, on the north side of E. Evans. I had just come from Chamberlain Observatory where I had viewed Saturn with their older but powerful telescope. There the astronomer lecturing for 45 minutes, started by telling people who wanted to talk about flying saucers to leave. A legitimate request, since it was his show, that of Denver University, and conventional science. Later, I viewed Saturn through the telescope.

This viewing of a dull red light lasted 5 -10 seconds, and when it went behind the building from my viewpoint, the airplane engine noise also went away.

Why all the continuation of this dull red light, starting in 1978 as on the land of the mountain, plus the "flare gun" effect, then appearing in the night sky like planes? Then the final light appearing and disappearing in the busy intersection at night? Kind of every which way but loose. A saying in journalism is: Believe nothing of what you hear, and then only a tiny fraction of that. I'm a long way from a conclusion of what I saw, UFO or not. Someone has a book in which he said Martians have a cave under Santa Fe Baldy where they live and do whatever, but I don't remember the author or specifics. And there's been some remote viewing, which is a close relative of the clairvoyance I have used at times.

Because the continuity of the appearances of the dull red light in whatever shape, bracelet or single light in sky, I record this. The bracelet did not fly, of course. And I was certainly puzzled by the flat appearance of the bracelet's fobs, which could have been due to the fog present thickly at first, and thinner later on, but making a false visual of flatness, even though otherwise it "should have" been a sphere (each fob).

Heard the saying "You make your own karma."? This means whatever you do, you set in motion some of whatever happens next. Go to Santa Fe Baldy and use your wits.

Also, this was in 1978. I haven't been back there since. I did not record these events at the time, that I recall. If I go back into researching these memorable events, I think I'll really want to seek out more current events. I do notice that I almost never, if at all, see accounts of dull red lights in UFO reports.

Finally, there is more to this story than I have told, and I suspect it would take a small book to cover it all. I've seen enough Science Fiction to help with scenarios which could illuminate these events, however indirectly. And I think there are multiple possibilities for the "story" of these dull red lights, including UFO source and non-UFO sources. And I had no direct reason to believe I was abducted in the 1978 or subsequent sightings of the "something." Thank you for reading this.

((NUFORC Note: Date of sighting is approximate. PD))