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Occurred : 2/4/2005 19:30 (Entered as : 02/04/2005 19:30)
Reported: 2/5/2005 9:55:43 PM 21:55
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Newton, IL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:15-30 sec.
Bight Fireballs in the sky

I and My Children were on our way home, the sky was clear, you coud see the the stars bright. then appeared in the fields to the left side of the road 2 large fireballs, they were still, the moved cris-cross from each other., then disappeared. We pulled over at the rest area between Newton, Il and Olney, IL. got out of the vehicle. look up at the sky. there was alot of air trafic of plans we seen. but the stars or lights in the sky seemd to dance, then appeared another fireball by itself in the sky. we stayed to watch more as we weere amazed. then left we drove toward Olney,Il. again the FireBalls appeared this time on the right side of the the road. there was othe traffic on the road and Im sure they seen this too because they were drivings slow also watching the sky.