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Occurred : 9/17/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 09/17/2003 21:00)
Reported: 2/6/2005 10:49:45 PM 22:49
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Toronto (Canada), ON
Controlled Explosion had been suggested as a way to protect against abduction.

I did not see their craft but at approximately 9PM on the date above ( this is approximate as I am going back in time but could probably find a more specific date- as I have a very clear recollection of events that took place around the time it occurred) I was visited by a number of entities. There was a beam of light that surrounded me, a glowing white light.Several entities appeared. at the time I could not see them but could hear them.This was experienced consciously in my place of work. ( I work for a private wealth management firm in downtown Toronto) From that point on til the present day they have performed various types of experiements and performed surgery on me. For a great of time I believed this was some sort of negative spiritual experience as I could not see any entities. There was an entity that seemed to attach itself to my head on the right side. He continued to communicate with me. He made various claims about his purpose but the main one was that I was to have a baby. I asked the entity to leave and tried various techniques to get rid of it, white light techniques, prayer. At this point the entity seemed to have the ability to constict blood flow and/or ability to breathe in some way. I was in a great deal of pain as a result of their various experiments. At this point, there were several other entities that arrived, they came into my apartment. They had the appearance of reptilians. They performed various experiments on me and would not leave. Later other groups arrived, the had the appearance of the praying mantis type aliens and there appeared to be Zeta Reticuli involved as well. The following claims have been made, they are here to crack the binary code, they are here to create "free energy" they are spies here to control the group mind of North America. They are here to cross bred with humans and my ovum were being used for this purpose. I need help from someone who knows how to stop them and/ protect oneself. I have a great deal of information on how to protect oneself but would like to have as many UFO researchers/ asrophysicists help and/or novice researchers help as possible. I have physical proof of my experience and have been completely MRI'd and x-rayed as recommended by Dr Roger Leir> An annomely was found on both "pinkies" it has not yet been removed. I believe there may be other implants metal and/or electromagnetic in nature. I was guven the information that they were moving me at the "speed of light" or in some way moving/vibrating my cells at a different speed/frequency than that of the Earth. 2 things are important here. They apparently arrive on Earth through "wormholes" some sort of manipulation of space/ molecular structure of space. There is information about this on the website, ET Apparently this is also the way they are able to make themselves invisible to us. Also, my understanding is that they are able to perform surgery on us by again manipulating space/time and velocity. Again good information on this is in Adrian Dvirs book- see Et medical After the MRIs I decided to head as far to magnetic North as I could to see what would happen. Agian I was given the information that this might disrupt the magnet, if there was one, in my body. As I approached North Bay/ Ontario on my way to Moosonee, Ontario, by train, I felt a thud and my body seemed to increase in mass. Quite literally various parts of my body got bigger closer to the weight I had been prior to the experience. The information I have been given is that the electromagnetic energy they were using to move me at an increased velocity would not completely function in areas of "rare earth". Apparently these rare earth minerals are minerals that do not exist on other planets. Many of them are radioactive. I have also been given the information that the secret to protecting the earth and/or myself lies in being able to control the electromagnetic energy they use to arrive here and in somehow using these rare earth minerals. Not completley sure how but again, the aliens were not able to move me at the speed of light in areas of apparent rare eart. I have been given the information that creating a controlled explosion and/ or using these rare earth minerals in that explosion would in some way disrupt their force field. It seems the entities were able to create some sort of energetic field arounf me at various times referred to as a parabola or an ellipsis. There are apparently several implants in body that I believe would be detected by an MRI and / or X-ray in these "rare earth" areas. I need help from an Astrophysicist and/ or someone who knows how to create a controlled explosion. Also, if anyone knows a way electromagnetic and/ or radiactive devices may be detectable, particularly in Toronto Canada. Also a physicist/ dr etc. this would be most helpful. I have various physical anomalies as a result of this experience. My colon is no longer in the same place as it was previously, and is no longer functioning in the same way that it had been prior to this experience. I have also been given the information that there is a spaceship above my place of work- Canada Trust Tower 161 Bay St and have seen an entity- grey about 31/2 feet tall, I did not see its face but believe it may be the commander of the mission. I have also seen entities that appear to be Zetas and Reptilians. I would welcome communication and or help from anyone