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Occurred : 2/18/2005 05:31 (Entered as : 02/18/2005 05:31)
Reported: 2/18/2005 7:36:23 PM 19:36
Posted: 2/22/2005
Location: Beatty, NV
Shape: Formation
Duration:17 minutes
((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. Please read below. PD))

Longitude: 116.7 W, Latitude: 36.9 N

I'm a commercial pilot for United Airways, Flight 17.

I took off from Las Vegas International towards Los Angeles International. I called control, asked clearance for "sierra-tango-one-seven," and got a "runway clearance" over the radio. Now, because of the Earth's rotational pattern, we move NW then SW towards LA. If we go directly SEE, we'll end up chasing Los Angeles around the globe. So I was heading that way, when suddenly I saw 7 arrowheard shaped crafts darting away in aerospace above me. Now, I was a bit interested so I guess I became careless. I diverted off course towards the north, chasing the aircraft. I was able to maintain a speed pretty close to the aircrafts. I was heading when control started radioing, "United 17, you are diverting off course. Return to navigational trajectory or we will take defensive action." I didn't respond. What would I have said? Would I say, "Hold on control. I'm chasing some UFOs"? No. So after control repeated the phrase, I turned off the radio. Now, they said they were going to take defensive action so I'm looking around. I see a base on the ground. I look on the map, and it's Nellis AFB. I see a gleam on the runway and next thing I know, an interceptors flying right in front of me. Now after 9/11, NORAD did some reforms. All commercial pilots were told that if an interceptor drops flares in front of you, it means NORAD ordered it to destroy you unless you contact control within one minute and tell them what you're doing. Now, this interceptor starts dropping flares all over the place. I contacted local Air Traffic Control over the frequencies, 121.5 and 243.0. I said, "I have an F-16 in front of me. Its side reads india-one-oh-seven. It's trying to take me down. I have visual confirmation of seven UFOs." Air traffic controller comes back on line and says, "I copy that, sierra-tango-one-seven. Keep in visual range of UFOs until NORAD can send interceptors. I repeat, stay in visual range. For now, follow the ICAO signals from the interceptor. We will advise interceptor to not attack." I reply, "Thank you control." I'm following and three jets appear. They shoot out after the plane. I go back on the course trajectory. I landed at LAX at 0853. I had an interrogation with generous hosts from FAA. They made sure I'm not a "spy working for terrorist causes". Now, I submit this form.

Remember that I am a highly trained commercial pilot and I know what I'm writing about. The other witness was my co-pilot.

((NUFORC Note: We doubt that this is a serious report. The witness elects to remain anonymous, and many of the facts he/she cites above don't appear to conform to reality, we believe. Most commercial a/c cannot transmit on 243.0 mhz frequency, since frequencies in that range are reserved for military aircraft. Also, we can find no "United Airways" in Nevada. There appear to be other irregularities in the story, as well. PD))