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Occurred : 2/15/2005 23:15 (Entered as : 02/15/2005 23:15)
Reported: 2/20/2005 9:13:16 PM 21:13
Posted: 2/22/2005
Location: New Hope, KY
Shape: Light
Duration:5 min.
Bright multicolored light in Nelson/LaRue County

The area I live in is a very rural part of Nelson and LaRue County, Kentucky. I travel HWY 84 every day to work and back and am very familiar with our night sky. We have very few light sources and can see quite well on any given clear night. A typical night's lights usually consist of lots of airplanes, cell and other various towers and scattered utility lights. We also have some helicopter traffic from Ft. Knox. They do maneuvers in the valley where my house is located. They hover and will seemingly shoot straight up into the air. The sound is sometimes ear shattering if they fly too low. On the night of Feb. 15 I was returning from Louisville. The night sky was relatively clear, but very black as it can get down this way. I noticed a large bright light just over the canopy of the trees. At first I thought it was a very bright star, again not unusual down this way. The light became larger the closer I drove. It was not distant like a star or the moon. I came to the point of emission just past Union Band Church. The light was bright white, a lozenge shape, and fixed, seemingly about a 1/4 mile in the air. There was no noise, the wind was blowing, I felt my large vehile move. The light had various spots of yellow and red on the outside edge. I continued travelling and the light receeded out of my vision and became obstructed by the canopy of trees as I descended into the valley. This may very well be a helicopter, of some sort. I have never experienced one able to maneuver quite like this. When a helicopter flies at night with a light that bright the viewer usually sees a beam the light creates. This light was not a beam. It seemed to have movement within the light. Not pulses but movement like the way light moves within a static globe. I just wanted to record this event before I lost part of the memory of its appearance in my mind. Time does strange things to the way things look. By the way, I have searched the daytime area where this occured. There are no cell towers on any of the ridges nearby. I simply saw something I cannot rationally explain.