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Occurred : 11/11/1976 14:00 (Entered as : 11/11/1976 14:00)
Reported: 2/25/2005 11:36:36 AM 11:36
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Tangier (Morocco),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
I was berated by your answering service for waiting over a quarter of a century to file a report, but who in the hell do you contact in Tangier, Morocco in 1976?

I was west of Tangier,Morocco. Additional witnesses were my wife ((name deleted)), tour guide ((name deleted)), and a taxi driver. The day was sunny and the sky was clear of clouds. The landscape was arid, barren and obscure of any vegetation. I could view approximately 25-30 miles of horizen.

The taxi was directly west of Tangier moving in an easterly direction. I observed a bright, stationary light in the sky in the direction of the city. The light appeared as a large conventional aircraft with running lights on and that would be flying directly towards you. I asked the tour guide "where is the airport?" He indicated to the right and south of our position. I noticed that the light did not change in intensity or altitude as a descending/ascending plane would have.

After observing the bright light for about one minute, I observed three silver disc move out from the light and stop. They remained stationary for approximately 20-30 seconds before they maneuvered slightly outward and upward from the light. They moved very rapidly, almost in formation, and became stationary. Two additional sets of three silver disc moved out from the light and jockeyed around in different positions. They moved rapidly to positions and became stationary, other than an occasional adjustment by singular discs but basically remained in sets of three disc per formation, comprising a total of nine disc.

I approximated the size of the craft to be 30-35 feet in length and 6-8 feet high. Their movements were basically smooth and in formation. The first set of three disc moved slightly in their formation and I had the perception that they were playing or were ready for a "drag race" After observing the entire formation of ten craft for approximately one minute, the first set of three disc took off at a very hight rate of speed towards the south. They had covered approximately one-third of the 20-25 mile horizon, when the two other sets of three took off. Nothing appeared to be any type of mirror reflections of light.

All three sets of disc after taking-off were only visible for approximately 4 seconds before they moved out of my range of view to the south. As soon as I lost sight of the flying disc, I looked back to the area of the lighted craft, expecting to see the light or a dark silouette like a plane would appear with its running lights off. Nothing was visible. The craft was gone.

I did not have a video camera, or camera. Of course, this type of photo or video would be valid proof of aircraft technology far beyond public comprehension. I would be a millionaire and very famous individual had I possessed cameras that day. The vehicles traveled in excess of several thousands of miles per hour.

I am a retired Navy Commander and have been in association with current technology that the military openly possessed. These vehiles surpassed the military SR 71, F-16, stealth bomber, Aurora or any other fathomable aircraft that we could imagine. The incident I observed in November 1976 might also correlate to the contact that the Iranian military pilot had in September 1976 in which a spherical disc came out of a light and circled the Iranian pilot prior to rapidly disappearing.

I heard that additional sightings may have occurred in Portugal and England during the fall of 1976. I have nevery observed any military aircraft equal to the speed and maneuverability of what I saw that day. I did relate this story to several military colleagues at my duty station in Rota, Spain but was not prompted to file any official report to any higher authority.