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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/1/1965 21:00 (Entered as : 10/01/1965 21:00)
Reported: 3/6/2005 1:10:37 AM 01:10
Posted: 4/16/2005
Location: Dushore, PA
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
It could move very slowly or very quickly but either way it moved without making any noise.

In 1965 I was 21 years old and worked for GE in Utica N.Y. in the radio receiver department. I earned a two year degree in Electronic Technology after I graduated from high school in 1962 and went to work for GE. Later I worked for AT&T at a Microwave Relay Station. AT&T transfered me to a Satellite Earth Station where I worked for 17 more years. I retired from AT&T after 32 years service. I have never smoked a cigarette, never did drugs, and I have never a had a beer in my life. I have two daughters, one is an OBGYN doctor and the other is a speech pathologist. They have had to listen to this account since they were old enough to understand it.

This is what happened, nothing has been added to make a better "story"! What follows is the truth as I lived it.

It was Sunday night and I am not sure of the exact date. I was returning to Utica, N.Y., where I lived, after a weekend home with my parents in the Loyalsock Creek area of Pennsylvania. I had just purchased my new TR-4 car and was going north on Route 87 about 21:00 at night. About an hour into the trip, I noticed some lights off to the right of the road. I traveled this route many times and knew that the only thing in that direction was an empty field and what we call a mountain here in Pennsylvania. The lights made me curious because they were red and green and flashing like the old railroad crossing once did. The only difference was one side was green and the other was red. If I had to describe the colors for someone, I would say they were "Christmas Red and Green".

I slowed down and looked right and decided I had plenty of time so I would stop and satisfy my curiosity. My first thought was that I was looking at someone working on the mountain side, maybe cutting lumber, but that didn't fit. Next I thought it could be a helicoptor, but this was 1965 and we just didn't see that many of them. I stopped my TR-4 in my lane of a two lane highway. This was a very remote area at that time and I wasn't worried about traffic. I looked at the lights and wondered just what this could be?

It was about 200 yards away from me and looked to be about 100 feet up the hill. I shut off my car and let the headlights on so if that rare bit traffic would approach, they would be able to see me. A Triumph is very small so I was able to reach over and roll down the window without getting out of the drivers seat. I leaned over and put my arms on the open window and turned my head to hear what sound was coming from the lights. No noise at all, except for the sounds of the October night. I looked at the red and green flashing light and wondered just what was going on over on the hill. I can't remember which side was green and which side was red. As I sat in my car trying to figure out just what it was, that I was looking at, I became aware that it wasn't on the mountain side, like I first thought, but in front of the hill and above the field. This soon became very clear to me because what I was looking at had started to move. One thing people have the ability to do is determine if someing coming towards them is going to go left or right or directly at them. The lights were coming directly at me at about 50 feet above the field. I remember thinking "Wow what is that", when I became aware of two very obvious conditions.

First, this thing was 50 feet up in the air and was moving very slowly directly towards me! Second, it was completely silent! No noise at all! I remember thinking that nothing that size could be in the air and moving towards me without making any noise, it just isn't possible. It was about 50 feet wide and 10 feet high, I would guess. And I hate to say it because this is the point when people start walking away, but it was saucer shaped.

I watched it approach me until I realized that it was coming very slowly directly at me and it wasn't a blimp or helicoptor or plane or anything else that I have ever seen. At that age we tend not to be afraid of anything and think that we are 10 feet tall and bullet proof. It took a lot to get me afraid in those days.

At that point I started to think that I wasn't in a good spot since this thing was very slowly going to be right on top of me in a very short time. Whatever I was watching was also watching me! I decided to get out of there fast! I rolled up the window and started up my TR-4 and put it in first gear and stepped on it! I just had time to put it in second gear when I realized that there was, what I thought at the time, another one directly in front of me. It was just off to the side of the road above the guard rail and about the height of a telephone pole. I thought, there are two of them! I quickly looked back to the center of the field to find the other one and it wasn't there. I realized that the one I had been watching move so very slowly towards me had moved about 150 yards and came to a complete stop in about 3 seconds. There it was with those red and green lights flashing and it was only about 50 feet above the road. I looked back and forth again, yes it was the only one. It couldn't have moved that far and that fast and been able to stop in 3 seconds. It did all of that and never made a noise, complete silence! All except one noise, my heart was beating so fast and hard that I could feel it in my throat.

I have never been that frightened in my life before or after that night. My first thought was to hit the brakes and not drive under it. It didn't take me long to figure out that if I hit the brakes and stopped I would end up parked directly under it. I made a quick decision to shift to the next gear and drive under it. I remember looking out my windshield at this metal object with the green and red flashing lights as I drove under it! I drove the next few hours to Utica without looking into my rear view mirror! I don't know if I was so frightened that it would be following me or if I had just been that shook up. One thing was clear, for some reason I wasn't going to look into my rear view mirror for any reason and I didn't.

I have a few regrets in my life, like most people, but the one that is at the top of my list is that I drove away. I wish today that I would have gotten out of the car and waited for whatever it was to get to me, at least I would have known exactly what it was. Very few months of my life have gone by that I didn't think about what it was and what happened that night. I was within 50 feet of this object. I had a really good look at it. It wasn't a reflection from an airport 500 miles away. It wasn't swamp gas! It wasn't a star or the moon! It was real and fast and silent and close. And yes the one that makes me feel the worst is when someone looks at me and claims that I made it all up or that it was a dream that I remember or some other total nonsense.

Very strange isn't it, we both think that the other is talking total nonsence! One thing is certain, nothing back then could do what that object did and nothing today can do it either. And unless some government has had some really great technology that they have kept secret, it didn't come from earth.

Many years back I was having my yearly physical and at the end of it my doctor asked me if anything was bothering me or if I had any problems. I looked at him and said yes I do have something that has bothered me all my life. Out came the whole account of the events just as I have written here. I asked the doctor if he could use some method to take me back to that night to find out if anything more had happened? He asked me if I had trouble sleeping or working and if I was happy? I said no and everything was great. He said that's the reason I won't do anything. It could only harm you. He said "I believe every word that you have just told me and I wouldn't tell anybody what you have just told me".

I didn't speak about it for many years but I am 60 years old now and I just have this feeling that I would like someone else to know the secret that I am convinced of. I hope I don't end up wishing I had followed the doctors advice. A lot of people wonder if something very strange is going on, it is! The problem is, there are so many nut cases out there that nobody believes it when they hear the real thing. When I think about it, what a wonderful way to cover up what is going on, just keep putting out stupid accounts or faked pictures and movies and soon nobody will believe the truth when they hear it.

(NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))