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Occurred : 8/12/2000 17:00 (Entered as : 08/12/2000 17:00)
Reported: 3/17/2005 12:54:31 PM 12:54
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: El Cajon, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 min
Was outside watering palm tree, my brother and friend had just left, I looked up for a second to the southeast and saw what I thought was a gold balloon or spheer decending toward my location. The area were I live is in the foothills area so there several small hills a a two thousand foot high mountain nearby with radio and tv towerslocated on top. Anyway this object which I had postulated as an errand weather ballooon had decended quite gently toward a cell tower which was about half mile away, I would guess it was about 4000 feet in the airnot so sure about size, but would guess about 50 feet in diameter. Was now able to get a good look at it was gold in color with a smoke appearance to the surface. The surface had small circular endentions much like a golf ball, the afternoon sun also seem to create shadows in the indentions. Was considering calling local airpot tower to let them know a balloon was in flight path of small aircraft, also had a concern for larger craft as the area is in partial pattern area for large craft. as I fruther watched the craft a smaller red spheer came out of it , I suppose from the back of it out of my view anyway it circled the larger spheer in counter clockwise pattern, about five time, increasing speed with each revolution, then left in a easterly direction at the speed of a jet aircraft. At this point I asked some of the kids in the circulr area in front of our house to look at this object with me and tell me what they saw. At that moment a white spheer came out of the object and circled around the bigger balloon-spheer , in a clockwise direction, and left in westerly direction had to be moving as fast a a F14. At this point a ran inside grabed a pair of weak binocs, came back outside just in time to see 16 small spheers emerge out and circle and leave in a easterly direction. They were dark blue or black. Upon this occurance the kids in front of our house went wow. I inspected the craft with binoculars, no protrusions or anything. Again a short time past then 16 more spheers, they left in westerly direction. following the white sphere, The Larger spheer then slowly began to gain altitude, and left in the direction from which it came

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))