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Occurred : 5/28/2002 22:05 (Entered as : 05/28/2002 22:05)
Reported: 3/17/2005 6:42:55 PM 18:42
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: Strathmore/lLndsay, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 minutes
Large Carft sighted in Strathmore/Lindsay Calif. in May 2002 with large panel lights.

On the night of May 28th 2002, I was sitting outside stargazing and invited my girlfriend of the time to come outside and view the sky.

As we sat and watched the stars we noticed approx. 3 to 4 military jets going from porterville, ca. heading north when reaching hwy l98 and then returning to porterville and continuing this cirle at which time an aircraft like a C140 joined in this picket fence. Id say they were about 5000 feet up.

This went on for at least a half hour. We were between strathmore and lindsay calif. towards the foothills. At approx l0:05 pm we were gazing to the northeast when my girlfriend noticed exceptional large lights in the sky approx l/4 mile up the the air. The craft flew within a 1/4 mile from us to the north and was approx still 1/4 mile off the ground. The craft stopped directly north of us. It stood still (hovering as some would say) but no movement. No noise at all. Again no movement from the ship with the exception, the large panel lights. I assume the panel lights (rectangle) went all around the bottom of the ship but we observed 3 and l/2 of these. The size of each panel light would be approx a little larger than a double wide mobile home. These panels were strobing at a slow strobe. Their were additional lights on this craft, but because of the exceptional purity of the lights i focused on the panel lights. These were light red in color and stayed light red untill after a minute the craft started moveing towards the west. At this time each panel started turning purple from the outside going inwards, towards its center. Again these were still at a slow strobe. Since this purple didnt appear untill the ship started moving I can only say this must tie in with the flight system it uses. Again the clarity of these lights would make normal light look dull or muddied. As it moved to the west I ran to the road west of her house and ran north because of a tree blocking my view. As it flew at a very slow rate of speed 30mph? I was able to view it much clearer from the horizon of the west. The craft was boomerang shape in front and as i looked from the ground to the ship about three times I would be able to say it was approx. 3 football fields long. Very large. When my girlfriend and I later compared our experience she said it was like a six sided cut ruby shape, So i can only assume it changed shape, (perhaps the reason it sat still for the minute above us). Although she was able to make out the shape when it was north of us I was not since she sees better than I. I am sure of its shape as it flew west but only its front since it was at night l0:05 pm. I can say that the dogs for miles around barked all nite as we retired at 4:30 in the morning were still barking. This is in the country so one can hear quite a ways. I have since moved to Three Rivers, CA. I have found two other witness's and they were with others. They said that the center of the ship was clear and that they could make the stars out. Either a force field, something like glass or clear plastic that one can see through. I didnt observe this because of the ships position from us. Ive heard that others also seen this craft in our area but have not met these people. I assume that the military did set up a picket fence to observe it, whether or not they saw it I cant say, since it was low to the ground and they were much higher up. We did call Lamore Naval Air Station, and they stated they didnd have anytthing up at the time. We also called National Institute of Discorvery science. They called back the following morning wanting to know the pattern of the strobe. That I couldnt give them. I can only say that each panel strobed slowly and indepentantly of each other. Many people say they have seen a UFO. I can say I saw an Alien Space Ship. Very close to us for such a large ship. I would be willing to take a lie detectors test. I stand by what I saw and Im sure the others that ive met and saw it would do the same. Two additional facts to report towards this is that NASA was tracking a an object of unknown size and material that went a third of the ways between the earth and the moon that night and orbited back out to space. Haveing no where else to log it, it is labled Asteroid 2002 KG4. I couldnt say if it in any way was related to the craft I saw. Additionally a friends fiance, spotted a small alien craft near woodlake at about the same time period near a reservoir in woodlake calif. Again I stand by what i saw and was not intoxicated in any way.