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Occurred : 6/30/2005 20:00 (Entered as : 06/30/2005 20:00)
Reported: 7/2/2005 1:03:30 AM 01:03
Posted: 7/5/2005
Location: Carol Stream, IL
Shape: Sphere
6 sphear shaped dissapearing craft sighting

date/time approx I'm not exactly sure if the Date is correct it was a week ago and i just found this site. My friend I both saw the same thing. This sighting is our first and only. This happened only a few days after a young man (16y) drowned in mitchal pond/lake. I live in Lakehaven apartments and the lake is next door. This death was all over FOX news. I doubt a significants. I was showing him the candle light mural that was floating where the young man was found. There is a baseball park ajacent to the lake and a tree line dividing the two. As we walked I noticed a ball game in progress. I saw over the tree line on the horizon, an orange glow. I thought at first fireworks dieing out and blowing in the wind, but no. They kept moving, and there were six. Flying in formation, Three in front and three in rear. The front formation was a diagnal line of three. The rear was a triagle pointing to the front formation. It would have seemed a large single craft if they weren't oscelating freely. They moved slightly in an imperfect formation. This formation continued accross the sky, which was a clear dusk sky. The indivividual objects were a color that I can barely describe. Amber, blue, grey all put together. The light was not incandessant, nor hallogen. It was more irridessant, a glow. But a glow should not be able to be visable from the distance we saw them at. The distance is impossible to estimate because of the undetermined size of the craft. They appeared very high in the atmosphear, and were moving over the horizon very quickly, but soundless. There was no light bending or streaking, as a fast jet may cause if it flies fast enough and emmits a bright light it may streak to the observer. The only way to describe the apperance of the UFOs is they resembled a size magnified human egg. Round with an inner circumferance and an outer. I screamed "What the **** is that?!" repeated several times. There were several other people arround the lake, but when asked they calimed to not have seen anything. Only my friend and I saw it, that we know of. We did ask anyone and everyone we saw near the event only to our dismay, as we began to feel insane. As the Crafts continued across the dusk sky, we both observed them vanish one by one, front of the formation to the back. No sound, just dissapeared. I have no explaination as to how they dissapeared, other than they left the atmosphear or had some otherworldly technology. I'm not saying these definately were visitors of another world, but what we saw was not military in my oppinion. I highly doubt humans have a craft as we observed. If this were millitia I would assume it to be top secret and would not be flown over a residential area. I know what I saw. It was not normal. We were frightened. I do believe us to not be alone in this universe, as it would not make sense if we weren't. But why would someone come here? Discovery? Warnings of impending self desctuction? War? Please contact me at I am very curious as to what the hell we saw.