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Occurred : 5/15/2002 23:00 (Entered as : 05/15/2002 23:00)
Reported: 7/5/2005 11:05:45 PM 23:05
Posted: 7/13/2005
Location: Ballston Lake/Malta, NY
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15 minutes

I was promted to report this peculiar sighting because of a sighting of a UFO that was posted on the New York nuforc page as the 8/22/03 sighting in Ballston lake.

In that exact area the summer earlier (late June or early July), My friend and I were getting out of my car after comming back from Saratoga. It was approximatley 11 pm, and we were at his house which is situated on the North side of Eastline only about a half a kilometer west of the Sweet Road, Eastline Road intersection. As we walked towards his house I casually glanced over his back yard (facing north). As I scanned the placid and quiet field that expanced an approximate distance of around 300-400 meters between his back porch and the wood line, I first noticed the light that was situated stationary just below the tops of and behind the trees at the forested area which border the edge of his property. At first I thought it was some kind of tower with an affixed light source, most likely a floodlight I assumed since the intensity of the light comming through the trees seemed like it was something like a helicopter searchlight, or some other kind of spotlight. I did not however hear any type of engine noises that would accompany a conventional aircraft at such a close distance... I swear it was so quiet I dont even think there we any animal noises or even car noises for that matter. Being perplexed, I brought the unusual light to my buddie's attention and inquired if that was a normal occurance, he replied he had never seen it before. We stared at it and became even more curious when it appeared to move and then stop MOTIONLESS, then reverse direction, move and stop motionless again to a location that couldn't have been tens of meters from its original location. During it's transverse I saw what looked like the beam of the afor-mentioned light scan through the tops of the trees, now motionless again and still without sound. Thats when we became incredibly exited, we ran to a picnic table close by and stood on top to get a better look. After another few minutes it silently but quickly moved back to its original location, it then rose from behind the tops of the trees. There we could see other less brillient lights located to the right and in line on what appeared to be the physical structure of the craft with the main light still visible as what I will call the "nose of the craft. Although we couldnt make out a definate shape it's structure seemed to change while producing other lights sporatically (it could have been just changing its orientation in relation to us) This is when the UFO semmed to dip it's "nose" Towards the ground and move very rapidly to the south, it then stoped, more like hovered and decended towards the ground around the vacinity of the Sweets Road, Eastline Road intersection. We imediatley jumped into my car to attempt some sort of persuit, but even at 80mph when we reached the estimated "landing site" of whatever this thing was there was absolutley nothing, not even a plane in the sky. We remain clueless.

As an afternote I would like to say there are no airports in the vicinty, or anything capable of supporting aircraft. The area is however, a major conduate for huge powerlines which pass within 100 meters of the sighting location. The region has had other strange sightings in the past especially in and surrounding the saratoga lake area which is also home to a government facility which developed "Space and Energy" Technologies during the cold war. A personal inspection of this area reveals a 6-7 story tall, rusted out rocket gantry (complete with a blast pit) no different from the gemeni launch pads a cape canaveral Florida, and other building/hangar-like structures with paddock areas which appeared to be abandoned. On a personal note, I am finishing up degress in both Geology and History and plan on attending graduate school for geology next year. I am very scientific minded and am not prone to making up stories, I have seen some strange things in the sky before, but this event was truley the strangest.