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Occurred : 3/12/1973 02:00 (Entered as : 03/12/1973 0:200)
Reported: 8/26/2005 1:15:36 AM 01:15
Posted: 9/2/2005
Location: Plain, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:3 hrs
Flying cubes land, emit small shiny silvery spheres, and large 3-toed 'birdlike' footprints appear in snow.

Summary: - Flying cubes, 18" on the side, in chain-like 'formation' - Shiny silver spheres, 4" to 12" - Strange, anomalous 'footprints', birdlike, with 3 'toes' and one heel-spur (or whatever it is called on a bird) Thank you for your kind consideration. I ask that you send me an email if you can find any similar sightings in your database.

I want to know if anyone has seen anything similar: Early AM, very cold; weather clear. Cubic 'craft', about 18" on the side, flew overhead repeatedly, emitting a whooshing sound; a buzzing sound could also be heard, similar to the sound made by an electrical transformer under load. These flying cubes appeared to be made of 'brushed metal'. They flew in an undulating 'chain' formation. They repeatedly 'buzzed' me; in other words they dove at me. I was on foot at the time.

I attempted to 'escape' from this remote location by hiking toward a store (closed at that time of day). I had to cross a steel bridge over a river, but saw that the cubes had landed in the center of the bridge. I was terrified by this time. I watched as the cubes disgorged a number of shiny silver spheres; the spheres varied in size from 3" to about 12". After the spheres had 'rolled out' from small square 'doors' in the sides of the cubes, the cubes suddenly took flight and vanished.

Now my path across the bridge was 'blocked' by these silvery spheres. They did not glow, but were very reflective. There were several spheres, I do not know how many.

I decided to brave an attempt to pass by the spheres. As I did, one of them vanished with a tiny 'ping' sound. This was very strange.

I should mention that there was on the ground, the last of the snow of winter; this was very hard snow, a crust, about 1"-8" deep. There were bare areas of dirt also.

As I walked toward the far end of the bridge, my head began to sweat, and my vision fogged. I became dizzy, and could barely walk. The sensation of heat _inside_ my head increased radically with every step I took. My vision 'doubled' and I had to lean against the rail of the bridge to stand upright. I was convinced that I was about to die. I carelessly walked close to some other spheres, and they too 'vanished' with the 'ping' noise, similar to the sound of a musical triangle.

The moon was casting considerable light. I happened to look at the sloped, snow-covered bank of the river, which bank was about 40 feet from the top to the edge of the water. There, imprinted in the snow, was a huge 'footprint'. It appeared to have been melted into the hard snow. The 'footprint' resembled that of a bird; it had three 'toes' and one 'heel'. In other words, it was a 'Y' shape, with a middle prong between the uprights. For some reason, this sight deeply shocked me. I finally began to panic, and indeed felt that my death was imminent. I gave up the attempt to cross the bridge and went back to the shore which I had started from.

It was there that I saw, on the hard snow at the side of the road, MANY footprints just like the one described above; but these were of many sizes, from small (3") to large (6'). They were scattered about, in what seemed to be a random pattern. One thing did catch my attention; the footprints occured only in pairs. It looked as though some 'invisible creatures', whose feet were hot, had stood around there, in that hard snow. I could not believe my eyes, so I bent down and ran my finger around inside the footprints. The snow had been melted into hard ice; the footprints were indeed 'real'. Each footprint was literally a depression in the snow, a 3-toed shape, and the snow had been compressed, or melted, to produce these impressions. The depth of a footprint of about 4" was approximately 1/2".

It occured to me that these 'footprints' were made by 'something' which had been 'hatched' when the silver spheres disappeared as I approached them. This was totally mind-boggling, to say the least. The problem was that I was apparently 'under attack' by invisible enemies. I had been sweating, and now I was growing cold, as the heat had diminished when I returned to the end of the bridge. It seemed to me that the cubes had deployed the spheres, which had deployed the 'invisible whatevers', whose job was to prevent me from crossing the bridge. Strange, beyond words.

I can describe this 'event' in much detail, but my main concerns are the footprints in the snow. I had managed to forget most of this, until perhaps 5 years ago, when I read a report that an Alpine mountain guide of impeccable reputation, in Switzerland, had filed a report of an event which had greatly upset him. He had observed 'huge, 3-toed footprints' in the snow of a remote mountain valley. He stated that the footprints appeard to he those of a 'huge invisible bird'. I have forgotten most of the details, but the similarity to my own 'sighting' was too close to miss.

I want to know, if you have in your database, any reports of similar cubes, spheres, or 3-toed footprints; especially the footprints.

((NUFORC Note: Date of incident may be approximate, although witness does not indicate that fact. PD))