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Occurred : 6/12/1966 20:00 (Entered as : 06/12/1966 20:00)
Reported: 10/17/2005 7:03:58 PM 19:03
Posted: 10/20/2005
Location: Vermontville, MI
Shape: Oval
These are real

This was actually my very first sighting.

A oval craft appeared out of nowhere and made a half turn and then disapeared. It was very bright and the incident occured in open sky with no clouds to obstruct anything.

Since then I have had various sightings through the years in which I observed something moving at appartently thousands of miles an hour. They would leave a light trail behind them and seemed jerky in their movements. Sometimes they would make a sharp 90 degree turn without any arc at all.

One very clear sighting was a object bright green in color and at first looke like a meteor coming down. This happened here in Coolidge AZ in the late 80's.

Something wasnt right so I called my wife to come outside. Before she arrived the craft seemed to flip sharply then the end flared bright red and it shot straight up into the sky.

Another and this time documented sighting was in Spring Arbor MI There were two witnesses but they spoofed me.

The next day it was on the news in which a UFO had been tracked by police for over 200 miles. This happened in the summer of I believe 1973 or 1974.

I also have vivid memories of a wing shaped object hovering over a house in Michigan in the later 60's.

I have also observed the mysterious lights here in Arizona and late saw where someone was shooting flares. These lights were nothing like flares and had their own qualities that set them apart. They had a clarity about them like no lights I had seen. They did not flicker or seem to float. A flare with flicker from near to black to bright and then eventually burn out. When these lights disapeared it was as if someone had turned off a switch. They were also about thirty miles further south from where the Air Force reserve range is supposed to be. What these craft are, I do not know but they are nothing I know of along with the manuvers they make.

Over the years I have learned to differentiate from other objects and some of the many sightings I have made, stand as outright UFO's.