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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/13/1987
Reported: 10/21/2005 11:51:14 AM 11:51
Posted: 11/3/2005
Location: Montgomery (near), AL
Shape: Cigar
((NUFORC Note: Date unknown. We will attempt to determine it. If anyone knows the date of the sighting, please contact our Center, and we will include the date. PD))

Star Trek Actor Sees UFO In Alabama.

In the biography of DeForrest Kelley, who played Dr. Leonard McCoy on the original Star Trek series called "From Sawdust To Stardust" by Terry Lee Rioux from Pocket Books on page #87, is a report of a UFO.

Here is the report as quoted from the book:

"Many years later, Kelly confessed that they saw an unidentified flying object while driving across country. He said he was riding in the back of the car; they were entering Alabama when they saw it.

'This object came by at a tremendous rate of speed at a very low altitude...around 700 or 800 looked to be about 65 feet in length. It was a long, cigar-shaped object with green and blue flames coming out of its side.' There was a soft sound like a missile, it had a red taillight flashing, and it had no wings.

Once in Montgomery, the trio (DeForrest Kelley, his wife Carolyn, and Superman actor George Reeves) found a newspaper that carried stories of the sightings. Even when Kelley told the story decades later, he did not mention Reeves by name. He quietly guarded the old friendship, and, besides, some things were just too fantastic to believe."

For further information on this story, refer to the Carolyn Kelley interviews: "My Real-Life Encounter With A UFO," National Enquirer, January 13, 1987.

Carolyn Kelley and friends corroborate the story, and the Enquirer was accurate.