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Occurred : 4/4/1978 21:00 (Entered as : 04/04/1978 21:00)
Reported: 10/24/2005 6:23:49 PM 18:23
Posted: 11/3/2005
Location: Natick, MA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:8 minutes
GIANT UFO - Natick, MA on Route 9 behind CAR WASH - either 1977 or 1978.


I SWEAR on my life and in the name of God that what I have typed below is true, and it did happen to me, my mother, and my brother.

I figured it must have been in the fall of 1977 or the spring of 1978, as I was in 3rd grade, and there were no leaves on the trees, and was warm out.

My mother was driving down Route 9 in Natick, 9pm-ish at night, and we saw what looked like a round shaped stationary flashing of Christmas lights hovering about 1000 feet above a Car Wash about a mile down the highway.....

My brother who is 3 years older than me was also with us in the car (my mom was driving the 1970 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon). I was in the back seat, my brother and mother were in the front seat.

WELL, me being 8 to 9 years old at the time, I knew that this was no hot air balloon, nor a blimp, nor a giant kits with lights. There is not a night that goes by without me thinking of that night. IT was the SIZE OF A LARGE HOUSE !!!!!!!!!

As my mom continued down Rt. 9 near the car wash, It dropped out of the sky unlike any aircraft could ever do.......and there were the most colorful lights/beams rotating everywhere flashing from this round house sized thing......... lights all over it (I don't recall seeing any beams) made NO hovered over our car, then it was following us........also, every dog could be heard howling and barking in the's almost impossible to describe.............and it was hovering right over the car with us in was at the tree tops, following us...

as mom was driving, she lost sight of it, and so did my brother......and I was in the back seat, terrified...looking all over the place for it as it couldn't just dissapear like that.......and then I looked up through the tinted moon-roof window of the car (the 1970 Oldsmobile Station Wagon) and I yelled "it is right on top of us!!! and it's getting lower!! It's following us!!!"

It was right over the car, and then the lights on this thing started going even more crazy....once again, it was the size of a LARGE house, and round with all colors of lights - mostly on the outside what I can only make sense was the rime of the UFO.

Underneath the UFO it was solid, as even though it made no noise, I could hear it hovering over us, as sounds were bouncing off of it..... The only way I can explain that I knew it was solid, is to close your eyes, then have someone walk by you.... you can hear a solid mass blocking sound. Does that make any sense??

Every dog in hearing distance could be heard braking like crazy in the neighborhood my mom was driving (behind the car wash in Natick, Massachusetts). I never knew so many people owned dogs.....

People were coming out of their houses, and I remember so clearly a woman coming out of her house, looking up above our car, and her screaming for her kids to get back in the house at the top of her lungs.....door slammed, and her outside lights turned off. THis lady was obviously terrified.

As my mom drove around the neighborhood, and this giant silent lit up christmas tree appeared to get even lower below the trees. My mom knew a lady who she did typing work for in the neighborhood, and my mom pulled the car into her tiny driveway.... we got out of the car (I don't remember seeing my brother get out of the car or not, but I do remember my mom with me against the car.)

.........and when Mom stopped the car in someone's drive way (whom she knew and did typing work for), the house sized sphere with rotating lights on the outside rim of it, and some lights flashing underneath it was something I could not make sense of..... being ony 8 or 9 years old, the only thing I could associate it with was flashing christmas lights in ALL colors...BUT, the lights were not apearing to flash/blink on and was as if the lights were all joined together, making it look like the giant house sized silent object that was hovering or spinning over our car......but the lights I believe is what made it look like it was spinning as that is the only rational explanation I know.

I swear on my grave, and on my life, that the house sized object looked like it lowered below the trees, almost in an arms reach.

My mom then told me to climb up on top of the car and see if I could touch it. I climbed up onto the hood, then with one foot on the windshield of the car, I reached up my arm (I don't remember which arm), but I reached my arm up to see if I could touch it. For that moment we had no fear of it, and the terror was gone. I was unable to touch it, and it was higher above the car than we thought it looked like.

My mom, still to the day feels so guilty as she will sometimes say to me these days "Why on earth did I ever tell you to see if you could touch it....Gahlleee" "We didn't know if it was good or bad" she still says today.

So, now that we are in this lady's driveway, parked.......My mom ran up to the lady's front door knocking like crazy....and when she came to the door my mom said to her "You have to come out here !! You have a UFO in your front yard !!!"

So the lady walked out to her front steps and looked right at it, and calmy said "hmmmm.... oh yes".......... Then she calmly proceeded to ask my mother how she was. I was stunned with this lady's reaction. My mom (still to the day) says that the woman was in a trance when she came out of her house, making very light of the GIANT ROUND house sized light show that was drifting off into her back yard, and into the woods of Natick where it faded behind the trees in the forest.

Then, I realized what I just did. I was on my mom's car trying to touch this huge thing !! I got off the car, my mom made some light conversation with the lady, and we got the heck out of there, back home to Wayland. That was when the real terror started to set in of what happened. We got home, my mom reached for the phone and said "Who do I call!!! I can't call the police!!!"..... so my mom called my sister who was newly married in Marlboro, MASS. I was terrified for months when it got dark. There is NOT one night that goes by that I don't look to the sky, waiting for it to show itself to me again.

The whole UFO incident from start to finish lasted about 5 to 10 minutes. I have recently discussed our experience with my mom, and she said that she will drive the same exact route with me in the day time, and I'm going to film it with my digital camera as Mom tells the story - remember that my Mom was the driver, and her being the only adult in the car, she noticed other things that my brother & I didn't.

Now, you can understand why I think of this thing every night...always looking into the sky at night, almost waiting as if the giant lit-up round freek show thing is going to come back some day or night. My brother still doesn't like talking about it to anyone else besides me or Mom...

What ever it was, it sure it wasn't there to greet us as friends, or to let us know that it would not harm us......or to bring peace.....but there was only that brief moment of fascination when I climbed up onto the car to see if I could touch it.....

I was absolutely terrified when I went to bed that night, and was for many nights after that waiting for it to appear in the back yard and come back for us in Wayland - the next town over. Remember that I was 8 or 9 years old.......

It just ticks me off as I will always wonder what the whole point of this giant airship hovering over us in the car was for.... ya know? Ok, so we saw this huge floating round UFO with colorful lights. What did it want? What, did it want to put on a show for us?? What was the point it wanted to make?? These a questions that have bugged me for the last 30 years, and I am finally coming out with my experience.. No, we weren't abducted, none of that stuff...... no physical contact.

Maybe if it were evil, I shouldn't want to know what it wanted, and why it was there that night, floating down to our car.

I remember being so mad at school when telling my friends the next day of what happened.......then they would tell me that it was probably a hot air balloon..or a blimp.....that I shouldn't lie................that was when I stopped talking about it... Well, I have seen a blimp, I have seen hot air balloons in all shapes and sizes, and this was NO BLIMP or HOT AIR BALLOON.

I understand I am not allowed to reveal my identity or contact info in this forum, and if I were allowed to, I would take my chance and give out my name and email to see if there are others out there that experienced what we did back in the late 1970's in Natick, we have NEVER reported this UFO before, and this forum is the very first time this UFO that we experienced is being shared to the world. I just want to talk to someone else that saw what we did that night.

Nailing down the exact date is difficult, but I do remember I was in 3rd grade, born in 1969, so it had to be 1978 or so...... I do remember that there were little or no leaves on the trees, and it was warm outside....and very dark.

Agian, I swear on my life in the name of God that what I have typed above is true, and it did happen to me, my mother, and my brother. Follow-ups, PLEASE.... Thank You.

- D.