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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/1992 00:00 (Entered as : 03/01/1968 0:00)
Reported: 10/26/2005 3:06:44 AM 03:06
Posted: 11/3/2005
Location: Cortlandt Manor, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 minutes
circular vibrating ufo

Alrighty this actually happeded in the early 90's, I had to categorize this as 1969 because my computer is set to that and wouldnt let me type in 1990 for this forum.

Well anyway, I was like 7 or 8 years of age, with my sisters and mother all watching tv after a late dinner. My father was at work and my older brother was sleeping in the basement.

All of a sudden I remember my house being violently vibrated, not like a earthquake vibrate, more like a fast high pitched vibrate. Like a loud bumble bee.

My mother goes outside with me in arms to check it out. We both look up to see a steady hovering circlular plane about a 20 feet from the top of my house. We just stared at it for about 3 minutes and it slowly moves down my street going over all my neigbors houses. Very dark black base with three ports of blue red and green. The colors are faded from my memory.

Anyway, my mother calls up 911 to report it, the operator said she doesnt know whats going on. She says to my mom the switch board over at the control center is lit up with callers from the same area. We get a call back from the operator to let us know that response they got from air traffic control was that it was a military test. Obviously this is bull, or maybe not, a few neigbors call my house to ask about the loud noise, and some call ask about seeing a large object above my house.

I was so young when this happened but it is all pretty clear to me. I mostly remember seeing the fear in my mom's face making me nervous.

When the object was out there, she had tried to video record it but her batteries were dead. Sounds a bit clishea (spelling) ((cliché)) but she remembered charging it to full the day before.

The wierd thing about this story is also that, when I asked all my sisters, neigbors, and mother about the details of what they saw. They all say a different thing. That's what baffles me. My mother said it was triangular, I say it was circular, two of sister say long oval, neigbor says sphere. One sister recalls hearing no vibration just seeing a silent object in the sky. Another sister recalls vibration. I recall it too.

Mother says red, green, and blue portals, siter says pitch black, other sister says one big port in the center. I feel that what happened that night was alot more than I can remember.

I suffered from chronic day and night terrors ever since it happened. No alien dreams or anything, just the feeling of pure fear. I'm getting tired noe and would like to share more but Im going pass out, good night :) :)

p.s this is no bull, i work full time and dont have the time write false crap, but how can I prove that. I guess I can't.

((NUFORC Note: The date shown above is approximate. We will invite the witness to have his family members submit reports, as well. PD))