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Occurred : 11/2/2005 07:15 (Entered as : 11/02/2005 7:15)
Reported: 11/2/2005 9:14:14 PM 21:14
Posted: 11/3/2005
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:7 minutes
Bright Light seen over Northeast San Antonio, TX

While driving East on loop 1604 (coming from Babcock RD.) I noticed a bright light about 10 to 20 miles ahead about 30 degrees above; It was at least 1-2mm (perspective) from my viewing distance.

The object was bright as Venus and about twice the size of Jupiter.

At first I thought it was a helicoptor but the object did not move. Also of note was that the object did not waver like a bright star would do as seen at night; the light was steady and bright, brighter than an airliner or helicopter would emit.

As I got closer about 5 miles from the object (Loop 1604E and Highway 281 North) it started to disappear or vanish from the sky. The object did not move away it just vanished. At this time I was at stop light while it disappeared. It never seemed to move from the same point in the sky as I observed it.

This has not been the only time these objects have been seen; I and others have seen objects in the same region, day or night. One one occasion the object have been the size of 3-4mm while viewing it at over 20 miles away.

I have seen these objects over the past 5 years about 6 times.