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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/5/2004 20:30 (Entered as : 7/5/04 20:30)
Reported: 2/15/2006 7:30:14 PM 19:30
Posted: 3/11/2006
Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:30 min+
Military exercises or UFO chasing?

In July of 04 my family consisting of my dad,mom,older brother and myself were traveling east down a popular stretch of road in panama city beach that is parallel to the beach for about a 20 mile stretch called front beach road. I just looked over the Gulf like I have countless times in my 21 years of growing up here. About 1/4 mile of the beach were there reddish-orange lights about 300 ft above the water. I roled my window down to get a better look and asked my brother (who is in the coast guard)if those were signal flares. He replied yes and told my dad to pull over, luckily there was I large stretch of open beach were we spotted them. We rolled down the windows and we slowly realized something wasnt right. the lights were stationary and in perfect alignment as well as space from each other. My brother replied "those arent flares and a curious silence came about us as wew tried to figure out what we were looking at.There were 5 lights, they kept blinking in random patterns(one side to the other or 1 would turn off and on while another did the same in reponse. the night was perfect for visibility the moon was full and to the south shining down onto the Gulf waters. There wasnt a cloud in the sky so I still dont understand why I along with my familydid notseetructure, it was just these lights. had there been a structure I would think we could have made an outline of it becuase there was moonlight behind it but we saw no obvious shape. The lights went on for only about 30 seconds and they dissapeared for about 5 seconds then all of a sudden on the horizon the southeast we saw the same lights only 2 this time turned on and off one time and we didnt see them again.

Months later my roomate and I were traveling down the same road as we did every day because we lived in a house on the beach about 2 miles from my first sighting. it was about the same time at night and I saw one the lights agian! This one was a single light with a more orange-white color to it. I shouted "look at that" my roomate Immediately saw it and I pulled off the road at almost the same spot as before. I told all my friends about what I had seen before and they didnt really care because you cant emphasize how amazing it was to see what I had seen. i pointed in my roomates face and said "Y told you" and he was spaechless like I was the first time. We watched this light for only about 15 seconds and the light either jetted south at a rate of speed which no U.S. aircraft could match or the object literally went down into the water. I still dont know what it did to this day. We then went to our house and stood on the porch and looking over the Gulf and we saw an event of lights whish I cant put into words. I dont know how far they were from us but they were definately more than 2 miles out. i saw countless bright red lights popping up all over the sky close to the water not up in the stars.We also saw the orange white lights again but not in the numbers like the red ones. We watched for over 30 minutes and we heard and saw military planes coming from the east (from Eglin air base9 as well as from the west(from Tyndall air base) they proceeded out into the Gulf. at one point I saw a string of lights go off at once which really resembled counter measures that are released fome fighter planes to evade missles. I should mentionthat none these lightsdidnotdo eratic manuvers but the red lights appereared stationary when they "poped up" in lage numbers (between 20 and 50). we went back inside beacuse it was so cold and to this day Feb.15, 2006 I have yet to the the mystrious lights which I will NEVER forget. Oh yes and the lights never had a sound or a trail to them. Everytime I look out to the Gulf at night i still hope to spot these lights again. Please E-MAIL me if you have any questions about what I ve just told you. I would be gratful for any explanations for what I saw.