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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/6/1980 20:22 (Entered as : 02:06:80 20:22)
Reported: 2/19/2006 5:22:17 AM 05:22
Posted: 3/11/2006
Location: Derby (UK/England),
Shape: Egg
Duration:3.5 Seconds
Walking North in a quiet town street,with my wife, I glanced over my right shoulder and saw an object flying across the dark sky. I cried aloud, and at the same time pointed with my right hand, "What's that?". We both saw An Egg shaped amber or silver, object about 1/3 size of full moon, covered with small waves compairable to fish scales and sourounded by an emerald green ring, also with little "waves" on the inside of the ring with the front of the egg protruding through the "ring" and a bright white, unbroken, "stilleto tail" attached to and trailing behind the object. It traveled in an arc as a falling missile,dissapering out of site without any noise or expected flash or even a report in the press despite my enquiry the next day.