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Occurred : 3/8/2001 01:30 (Entered as : 3/8/01 1:30)
Reported: 2/28/2006 12:45:27 AM 00:45
Posted: 3/11/2006
Location: Wayland, MA
Shape: Light
3 Large Orbs and many smaller Orbs in plain view in woods adjacent to my house. Moved with intellegence

The incident hapened a few days after we got plowed with a couple feet of snow in march of 2001.

Iam glad I have a place to post this because what happened was very strange. I hope this is not too long.

I have lived in wayland my whole life and live adjacent to miles of conservation land. No one knows these woods as well as I do because I have been out there almost everyday of every season since the early 1980s. There are no conservation trails in this area and does not see any traffic from dog walkers or hikers. The area is sort of swampy which I think helps keep people away. Its the kind of area that if you know your way it can take you five minutes to get to a point that would take someone else an hour to get to. I love it.

Anyway. There sure is history out there in those woods. European settlers have been in that exact spot since the early 1640s. My woods was home to one of the original families. They were millers and provided timber for most of the early town works. But unusually they were quite far from their neighbors. Also there is an ancient fishing site thousands of years old well within walking distance. This site was also intricate in the king Philip Indian insurgency and the revolutionary war. This is a brief history of what I know about my woods out there. Maybe this pertains? At about 1.00 am I was in my yard letting my dog relieve himself before bedtime. Looking out into the forest I noticed a light, that looked to me like a candle being walked around through the trees at waist length. Knowing that there are no houses in that direction and that there should be no one walking in the woods at night I became curious and went with my dog about 30 yards in, past my yard to get a better look. I couldn’t see much but something was happening out there. The flickers of light I was seeing had no explanation, had never been there before, and shouldn’t have been there at all. But I could still hardly make them out, there was a hundred yards between us and lots of trees. I went inside woke up a family member and told them there were people in the woods with candles or flashlights. We went into the yard but the small flicker of lights didn’t impress enough to go out there and check it out.

The next day my friend heard about this from me and begged me to go out there with him at around the same time, I agreed. We bundled up, I grabbed a B.B. rifle(makes me feel safer) and we headed out.

Immediately we saw the same thing I had seen the night before, small flickering through the trees just above ground level. We were about 300 yards in when suddenly there was like a camera flashbulb going of in front of us deep in the woods, about another 80 yards in front of us. Then one way to the right of the last flash, but still in front of us, then a flash to the left. Real bright flashes. The flashes then started flashing towards us. We were talking to each other saying "you’re seeing this, right?" There were about 30 separate flashes from different directions in front of us gradually getting closer and closer. One flashed about 3 feet from my face. It looked like someone struck a huge match of different colors but it was not fire, it was all of a sudden light from nowhere. They flashed about twice the size of a basketball and the one that flashed next to my face seemed like slow motion. When it flashed there was slow motion. that’s the best I can explain it.

My friend and I looked at each other and ran back to the house as fast as we could out of sheer terror.(I should have stayed but my stomach got very queasy) When we got back to my yard. We talked about what we saw and decided it would be stupid not to go back out and really experience and try to interact and get to the bottom of the "ORBS" that just seemed to display at least some intelligence by coming directly to us.

We walked in complete darkness back to the exact spot we had 25 minutes earlier seen the orbs. No flashes or peeks of light through the woods greeted us. We couldn’t believe they were gone. So we went farther. When we reached about 3 quarters of a mile into the woods(significantly farther than the initial experience)we saw light.

Almost to the top of one of the oldest trees in the woods(an old field corner marker next to a stone wall)were 3 Huge orb lights circling this tree!!! We were about 25 yards away and they were suddenly in very clear view, literally in perfect view of us. They were about 6ft by 6ft and one was slightly larger and had a slightly different tint than the others they made no sound. We watched in shock, from an excellent vantage point for what felt like it was 10 minutes. I still had the B.B gun and we took turns looking through the scope at them for an even better view. They were totally unnatural and foreign to anything I had ever seen before. They had a natural very bright bio luminescence sort of look to them but the spheres themselves did look metallic. They slowly circled, lucidly, near the top of the tree.

We started panicking about how we might start to get out of there. Continuing to face them we backed away. I turned and started running as fast as I could. When I turned to look back all three orbs had stopped circling the tree and had begun to follow us in a single file 10-12ft above ground. They were slow and didn’t catch up to us.

We ran all the way back to the yard non stop. In my yard we were safe. We kneeled down panting, relaying to each other what had just happened. We had not said a peep to each other during the whole encounter trying not to give ourselves away.

I haven’t seen anything similar out there since. Not even the initial flashbulb things through the trees no matter how deep I am out there. But in that spot, where the tree they circled is located the branches of all the surrounding trees are bent in the same direction in a very odd and obvious way. This, like the rest of the story is very hard to explain. Never the less it happened and it proved to me that there is much more out there that still is unexplained by modern science.

If you have had a similiar encounter or have questions email me at ((e-address deleted))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))