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Occurred : 4/9/2006 02:00 (Entered as : 04/09/2006 02:00)
Reported: 4/10/2006 12:07:31 AM 00:07
Posted: 5/15/2006
Location: Schererville, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:Several nights
Blue, green, red and white flashing lights sitting in the sky in northwest Indiana sky for past two weeks.

I don't know but I have been watching these things in the sky for the past two weeks. First I thought they were helicopters flying around at night, but I couldn't hear any helicopters or see any spotlights. Then I kept noticing them out every night. There are sometimes 3 or 4 at a time in the sky and they just hang there. They are blue, red, green and white flashing and pretty high in the sky, but if you even take a minute to look around you can see they are there. I usually stay up most nights and like to look out at the sky and last night we came home late from a weather seminar and when I looked out the window I showed one to my husband. He kept saying that what I am watching is airplanes in a holding pattern waiting to go to airports. I kept telling him no way. Saturday night I got the telecope out and tried to focus on this one "thing" in the sky and it took me a good 40 minutes to figure out how to use this telecope. I finally got it in view and I'm telling you I couldn't keep a focus on this thing to get a clear definite description. I could see the lights of blue, green, red and white. It seemed like they were rotating in a circle or something. Finally after 45 minutes this thing just moved behind a house roof in my view and then never appeared again. My husband, after the 45 minutes, said yeah, that was strange, for it to be just sitting there for 45 minutes. He is a big skeptic and a big logical chemical engineer. He has an explanation for everything and he really was short for words. Last night (Sunday night), we came home from a quick errand and when we got out of the car I started to point out to him at least five different spots in the sky where the same types of blinking lights were just sitting. I am not insane. He started to look around and I could tell he was a little uneasy about how many were just up there. I said, well, I don't care if the aliens are going to present themselves to us, I just hope they aren't violent. One other thing is one day last week when I was just watching the sky in my sunroom I noticed one that was sitting there. When a plane (which I did know was a plane) came flying through the sky, this thing flew over rather quickly to where the plane was, stopped for a few seconds while the plane passed, and then just flew off. It was like it was checking out the plane or something. It is true though that if you take the time to look at the sky, you will start to notice things. I have been taking pictures of chemtrails lately because they are really happening a lot lately over my town. When I was coming back I heard a rebroadcast on coast-to-coast mentioning this site, so I decided to track it down and let you know that something is up there every night and it's not stars, and it's not planes.

((NUFORC Note: Stars?? PD))