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Occurred : 6/11/2006 03:15 (Entered as : 06/11/06 3:15)
Reported: 6/12/2006 3:06:49 PM 15:06
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Wednesbury, West Midlands (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration:3-5 seconds
Silent Light seen in sky moving 5-6 times faster than Fighter Jet in Persuit and Fighet could be heard UFO moving at 4000 MPH?

I went to sit on a sun lounger outside a 3AM on 11th June 2006, as it was to hot inside to sleep (21C on Night 30C day) after 19 minutes of staring at sky, i saw a light moving abobe clouds, note it was cloudy. This was just one light like a cars headlight above clouds, there was no sounds and it moved untill out of sight very fast as fast as a Jet plane at low height but, was no flashing lights or sound.

It took 2-3 seconds to cover half the viewable sky. Then 30-40 seconds latter i heard a Aircraft/Jet sound then as i heard this not that load as was high up, i saw flashing red then blue etc lights"plane wings" and what i could make out as a plane.

This possible fighter moved accross same area of sky as the unidentified light, however this took about 12 seconds to cover same distance.

Could this be a fighter on Intercept? If light was Plane then there was no sound, and a comercial plane would not travel that fast, if it was a plane at great height i.e no sound than light sorce maybe to big, distance covered meant object moved very fast.

Looking at the suspect Plane i heard and saw 30 seconds, traveling at say 800MPH I would say the object moved at 2500-4000MPH maybe faster! Cant say its a UFO/Alien but for a craft low height it was silent and moved 3 times faster than comercial jet, if it was at aprox same hight as fighter jet then it moved 5-6 times faster, and jet could be heard, light could not.

In Closing it was not a comet or shooting star as it moved less faster, and shooting stars have tails and move 12,000 MPH