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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/15/1988 18:00 (Entered as : 110088 18:00)
Reported: 6/27/2006 2:36:21 AM 02:36
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Stockton, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7 - 10 min
Black huge triangle craft with chevron shape of lights on her belly with a larger red light in the center of the chevron shape travelin

At the time of the sighting , I was a 34 year old father of a 3 year old daughter. Married for 8+ years with a stable happy life. Ironically, we had just moved back to the Stockton address (my home growing up)nearly three years previous in December 1984 from Roswell, N.M.. We moved to Roswell by chance. Placed an application at the local sign company while I helped a couple good friends move to Roswell. Not Once did any of my super good partners who were born and raised in Roswell mention/utter a word about the Roswell Incident 40 years earlier. Anyway--- at that time and probably ever sense I was in my late teens I've always had the attitude that "anything is possible".

I can only say for sure that the date an year can only be 1987 or 1988 in early to mid November. Why I remember that it was in November, we were having an "Indian Summer" that year. I was watering the edges of my front lawn by hand when for no reason I looked up into the sky above me and all I could see is a black. No stars, no blue-black color that one see's normally as the color of night sky unless you live away from city lights etc.The whole entire sky was filled with this huge black opaque object as far as I could see in all directions. Then through the branches of the tree that I was standing under,set of lights appeared in a chevron shape with a larger reddish orange with a glimpse of yellow lite was in the center of this chevron shape of different colored lights. It was so huge and looked as though it was traveling no more than 30-40 miles per hour. I remember thinking to myself as to what's keeeping this ship from just falling out of the sky. Going way to slow to not fall out of the sky. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I could see the real actual night sky with all the stars in the drk-blue black setting. As it continued passing over, I could see the enormity of this thing as it traveled in a north west direction towards the city of Antioch, Fairfield, Vacaville, Santa Rosa and eventually to the Pacific coast. As it was leaving my area, I was estimating the altitude with the telephone poles in the area. This "Mothership or whatever took up at least a 3-4 block sq. area and maybe more at an altitude no more than 300 - 400 ft in the air and was so quiet (not a peep)it was noisy. I don't know what made me look up.

My address at that time was very close to where the Calaveras river dumps into the deep water channel.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))