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Occurred : 7/1/2003 19:45 (Entered as : 07/01/03 19:45)
Reported: 7/10/2006 11:16:30 AM 11:16
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Inglewood, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:38 minutes
Strange Red Craft/ UFO Nightmares

This was a really disturbing experience for us.(but also i would like to keep my self annonymous, thank you for understanding) One night, i forgot the exact day. i do remember the date and year. It was july 1st, 2003. my brother was over his friend's house. he said he noticed a "red oval object" followed him ever since he noticed it floating over the dark sky. when he arrived home, he was filled with excitement, he yelled "UFO, i saw a red ufo in the sky" Then he told us to go outside to see it. We were in our backyard.

There it was, the object looked like a "Red fire ball" floating in the cloudless dark sky. it didn't made any sounds. thus it floated in a circular rotation. it did this for about 10 minutes. we walked toward a bit. the object seemed to move towards us, that's when we paniked. we went back inside the house. we were just watching it from our windows. The object didn't look like a "red fire ball" anymore. it looks rather more like a space ship. the object now looked like a flat pancake, but it looked as two flat bowls were on top on one had many different lights. and different colors. the top lights were yellow, the spinned in a revolutionary way(circular motions) the bottom lights were blinding yellow and white. the didn't blink or anything, they just were blinding all the time. Me, my brother and sister were amazed as we watched the craft hover a bit closer to our house. we NEVER saw anything like this. it couldn't be a plane or helicopter; planes do not hover around in circular motions for quite an amount of time, and helicopters tend to make sound. anyway, the object was there; a flat pancake looking craft with a bunch of lights. the color of the craft was also metallic. As the craft got closer, we began to panic even more.

Me,my sister, and brother were nervous because it was floating closer and closer above our house. so we rushed and closed the windows fast, i was the one who closed the last window and i saw IT very very close above the house. it had so many lights from the bottom area of the craft. i stood still, then after i closed the last window, a Very LOUD humming sound was heard, the whole house shook for about 5 seconds, we froze , not moving, just looking at eachother's eyes. the whole house vibrating.. and a loud humming sound was heard, even our dog was still when this happened. objects also fell from the counter tops. After those 5 seconds, i looked outside the window and the UFO was gone. We never had this odd experience before. Me, my sister and brother questioned eachother with confusion. we asked eachother "what the hell just happened? did you hear and feel that?" i asked both of them "did you hear that humming sound! you guys didn't move" we couldn't sleep that night, we kept all the lights on in case that weird Object returned, we were freaked out. we were just thinking of it. but this affected me more than it did to them..

After a few days after that Ufo incident, i began having weird dreams. i had these "episode-like dreams" everytime i would go to bed after this incident happened, i would be afraid of sleeping with the lights off, or even having the window of the bathroom open.

Anyway, 3 nights after i saw the Ufo, i had this weird dream: i layed in bed, after i fell asleep, i was blinded with a realy bright white light. i was laying on the surface. i woke up(in my dream) then i walked for white a long time, i felt fatigue and tired. the light was also foggy. then i noticed something pulled me into corridor.

Ok, after that happened, i woke up from my sleep. then i thought "what the hell was that all about"? the next time, i had another dream, but the weird thing about this was that, it continued. Ok this is what happened after i fell asleep the next night: i was pulled into a corridor, i just felt something grabbing my arm, but couldn't see who it was. The corridor was rather foggy, the temperature felt warm, too. after that, something pushed me to the floor. the floor was warm and moist(something liked a jungle floor) i looked around the area, the area was steamy, foggy.. it had a bunch of wiring around. also it had many many lights and different corridors or tunnels. the area i was in was rather circular and large. ( i assumed i was in some type of room) after this happened i woke up.

Ok, this was getting a bit disturbing, i told my mom about this.. but then again, most people dislike to believe in these things. so i didn't told anyone else because they wouldn't listen.. the next night, i didn't wanted to fall asleep, but i did.. this was the most frightful nightmare i ever had..the dream was the continuation of my dream i said above.. it resulted this: i opened my eyes, in the same room, but i was laying on top of a surface. i couldn't move, my legs, arms were weakened. all i saw was a foggy place.. the top ceiling was wiring and lights. this was the same big circular room. All of the sudden, i felt a hand touching my arm. i began noticing sounds around me. then i saw these creatures, About 4 of them.. They were tall, thin, they had slanted blueish eyes(asian looking). they were purplish transparent, No hair or facial features, just a slit for a mouth and two small dots that made out their nose. but since it was foggy, i couldn't make them up more what they looked like. Ok, this is going to be more bizarre.. the creatures were communicating by making "gargling" - like noises. then i thought "what the hell is going on"? i was a bit dazed. after i heard their communication, i again... woke up. the last thing i saw was a hand coming close to my eyes.

that was the last dream i had about this.. after that i kept drawing things of my dream experience. i do not know anyone with this effect. my sister and brother were also witnesses of the UFO incident that we saw in July 1st, 2003. i asked them if they had nightmare of aliens or ufos or being abducted. they replied with a "No" i guess i was the only one affected. Also, i never met anyone who has gone through this. however, i did see people on television with this same experiences ; "Seeing a UFO, then having ufo nightmares of being abducted in their dreams" after seeing this in television i was shocked.. the t.v. program was called "unexplained mysteries" that is all i can remember for now. please i would like to keep my self annonymous. I did NOT make this up, i didn't type all this for the "hell of it" and spent my time in it for nothing.. ALL that was typed above was my personal experience..

I do not have any fotographs of the craft i saw.. i just have sketches and drawings of the craft i saw in july 1st 2003 and sketches/drawings of the creatures i saw in my dreams.. thank you for reading and listening.

as i said above.. i want to keep my self Annonymous.