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Occurred : 10/30/2005 21:00 (Entered as : 10/30/05 21:00)
Reported: 8/7/2006 10:50:13 PM 22:50
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: ,
Shape: Fireball
Duration:10 minutes
Some light or fireball hovering over a small town

Me, some family members and friends were outsided talking about of the day of the dead like what is done in our mexican culture. I cant remember the exact day but i know for sure it was no so far away from holloween. Well, the 7 of us were talking in front of a friends house, from this view we could see another town across which is like less than a mile away and we can have a good view of the whole town. Since i was the only guy there i was just standing near the entrance door. There was steps in the entrance door so when i was standing on these stairs near the door i had a way better view of the town and the road the travels along the side of the town. Since my friends were talking aobout some spooky stuff, i wasnt paying attention. At this point i was just standing by the door looking around everywhere and mostly directly to the other town. Forgot to mention that the town i was looking at was San Miguel Tecuitlapa. My parents home town has a name but i rather not give it. I was looking around everywhere. Sky was dark with stars in the sky, cold, little bit of breeze. During this month, there is usually alot wind and is very cold doesnot rain is like dry cold and in the mornings there is always alot of fog then fades away like at 10 am. But at night its all clear. Since i was standing up all the time, i sat down, i could still see the town from my position, then i started wondering again, trying to keep warm, and for some reason i turned to that town i had an urge to look, i saw a light. First i thought it was the towns radio guy, since his big speaker sticks out and has a flasing light(only turns the light on when he is on standby and has important anouncments to make to the town, which is rare). But i double checked and the light was right above the town cuz, first it wasnt blinking and second there was no blinking light on the anoncers house. i king of just like didnt care at first. But the light was there for 2 min already and i started to wonder. than i told everyone else about it and started looking. They started talking about what the light is, like legends and stuff, that that like is a witch and stuff. I told them "no it cant be, why would a witch stay hovering like that for more thatn 2 min, thats an easy target for any sharpshooter around there", and everyone kept quite. everything was quite, no breeze, sky was clear, cold, then i started telling them " its a UFO,but be quite lets observe very well. Dont freak out okay" and so we were mostly quite just whispering. The object was moving slowly and didnt move alot its just move probobly like 200 ft at most. We were still whispering and all of us were just looking at it, didnt move our eyesight from that point. Suddenly it just disapeared. JUst faded. The light just faded as in a light bulb turns off when u turn of the lights. got small and disappeared. Everyone freaked out everyone went to their houses exept me. I stayed with my friend at the door, i just stood their.............had friend asked me if i was okay...i said yeah im going home lol......i got home connected my camera. Now i have the best room in the whole housei get the view of pretty much the whole town i live in, i can see San Miguel, this other town called Santa Ana, part of San Juan Atenco, the road that travels along San i stood by my window for a while and nothing.... That was it i was hoping to see it again and record it but no .....nothing......

Reminder: Almost all towns are surrounded by thousands of acres of crops..Around San miguel there isnt much, but on the back of the town there is lots of hills with alot of green. Behind our town there are alot of big hills and lots of crops, lots of trees and really dark at night. Around San Juan atenco there are alot of Fields of Corn around there that widespread all the way to Santa Ana. Our town has historic two old Ranches that were big before.

Thats all i know about this for now.....ill then give more info if i have more or remember more..

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))