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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1966 11:00 (Entered as : 06/15/1966 11:00)
Reported: 8/3/2006 1:54:48 PM 13:54
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Roseburg, OR
Shape: Other
Duration:about an hour
i saw YHVH and afterwards there apopeared a ufo in the following week that took me from a tent and tatooed me, project blue book there.

i had just finished my 7th grade class and had been given the advice to use the summer to think about what vocation i might have an interest in for the rest of my life. i came home and talked about it with my favorite person, my foster dad, who worked for the veterans administration in town. we were living in the melrose edenbower addition and were in thhe foothills next to the Callahan Mtn. on doerner rd. we lived as devout roman catholics, and he said to pray about it and smiled. so i fasted and prayed in my bedroom for seven days. i felt a breakthrough in the spirit on the seventh day, a mind image of a path that was unmarked but available and i then quit and resumed household duties. i expected i'd just be shown something, but i was unprepared as to what was about to happen.

it was a summer mornming on the farm; everyone went outside after breakfast, leaving me alone to clean the living room. i was idly thinking while i cleaned about a career in either anthropology or egyptology or in vetrinary science while i was cleaning.

i heard a man calling my name, each time of the three times getting louder and louder! the last time it felt like i was being defragged like a computer program. i was bewildered! i thought that i t ws my two playful practical joker brothers and a microphone, but there was neither of them at the house at that time, and when i asked who it was, i smelled the fragrance of frakincense and sandalwood and myrrh, like old style Roman Catholic high church incense....and as i looked around the room my attention ws directed to the ceiling and i heard a voice say, "this is my beloved daughter in whom i am well pleased"...i did a dougle take, amazed because i was adsopted and didn't know who or where (not much) about where i was from)and i sensed but at this point i did not see another dimension which contained a large kings throne room and many people assembled all around a mighty King. they were in a previously not seen or felt space above my head and i was below their feet - about four feet. then i said weakly, who are you? tell me who you are? i thought i was hallucinating, and i was scared! i was also only about 13 years old! then i looked up above the top of an opening "arch" doorway into the dining room, and the wall, the ceiling above as well, disappeared and i was looking upon a large object in the sky! it was far away of about at least 10 miiles from me but it was huge! it was a waterfall of what looked like molten gold, and it was surrounded on both sides by thunder clouds flashing thunder and lightningm and surmounting the waterfall and its pool which was outrageous with detail of molten gold for water and golden flames, but also the powdered golden "mist" that arose from it and a huge rainbow over the top, with a white crystal throne and two persons radiating immense light that made me feel like i ws dying every time i looked up at them- a man standing to the right in long white robe, red robe that went over one shoulder and he looked just like the popular Jesus Christ pictures. the wone sitting down had a long grey beard and wore a long flowing white robe. One voice very powerfully vibrated through the air and me said, "I AM JEHOVAH, the Father Almighty, the Creator Almighty." (note: this means the tetragrammaton. i was standing there amazed, with a broom in my hand and i noticed i was still holding it and i immediately thought of the moses movie and took off my shoes and put the broom on the ground and did the same thing, got on the floor on my knees, and started praising God. i thought to ask HIM. HE asked me to be HIS Wayshower, and showed me a vison of a misty white large road in the sky with viscous black walls on either side, and that the light of the Creator fell on on this road. HE said, "If anyone argues with you about what you think, do say and testify to leave them by the wayside." i was shown a image of me grown up as an adult showing a indian man into the viscous wayside, where GOD looked down on his entrapped form crying and turned away from him with finality. i then said l"let everything i think, do say and testify to be of you and not of myself so that otheres will know you have sent me." then i worshipped THEM and i looked up from where i was bowed and they were gone. in the afterward, my foster monm and two child siblings entered the house and said to me "what happpened? you're glowing very bright." I was lit up like a neon sign, and they put a sheer curtain over my head so they could look at me. afterwards, there was a ufo silver disk, with a bulging ring of protholes, about 15' across that landed in the next week while i was up at the nextdoor neighbors camping out and i ws "abducted" from the tent, given a physical examination and tatooed with an egyptian heiroglyphic that is the name for NIT- a weaving shuttle- on my right groin area over the ovary. my stomach bulgeed and i felt like i had radiation sickness for the next 2 weeks, causing my family to be tightlipped and very worried, but they refused to tell anyone because my dad worked for the government. the blue book came out and white curtained the area of the landing, because the craft burnt depressions into the asphalt road at the bend right past the house where i lived. I peeked over the edge of the hill and was pspotted and photographed (glowing) because i wanted to see what was going on behind the white curtains. that fall, the family doctor gave everyone a complete physical examination and photographed my tatoo for the FBI (i saw the markings card marked FBI which the doctor with alot of excalamations filled out and took a one step polaroid picture of the mark. i didn't tell him the truth. and that began to be the first of countless ufo contacts with the good guys of Heaven. unfortunately, years later, the two other girls with me in the tent have succumbed to cancer, although that didn't happen till they hit their adult years. i began to be very talented and did amazing things which my foster family couldn't get over, like levitation and fire shooting from my hands and body. i was a pretty good little girl, and i was known as a mindreader and very pronounced psi talented. athere were other events, but this is where it first started, although i remember instances in milpitas california as a baby where shadowy "white" people like ghosts used to come into our house and visit me, telling me not to forget what i was here for, to be with me when i was scared at night, etc. alot about don't forget the promise, the plan. that's all for now. these are not all the details of what happened the first time for me on doerner road in oregon. oh, and the guys that got off the craft were humanlike, with golden blonde short, curly hair and gold and purple close fitting jumpsuits and white silverish boots. they didn't seem to have seams in the clothes who piloted the craft that burnt the holes in the road.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. One of two reports from same source. PD))