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Occurred : 13:00 (Entered as : 13:00)
Reported: 9/3/2006 1:50:12 AM 01:50
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 hours
watched a silver craft over central London A harrier jump jet was sent to investigate it moved of but returned sooner after it disappea

I do not remember the date but it was the day before Gerry Adams the leader of Sien Fein went to collect their parliamentary priviledges as members of the British parliament.

I had an overwhelming urge to go to Covent Garden which was unusual as I try to avoid tourists places. My partner and I took our daughter and her friend to the swimming pool and went off for a drink at the opera terrace. It was a bright clear day with not a cloud in the sky. My partner went to get the drinks and I sat at a table.

Looking up, I saw a silver disc in the sky. I couldn't tell you how far away it was or what size it was as I had nothing to compare it with. The waitress came to clear the table and I said to her 'Look at that,' pointing at the craft. She said it looked fantastic but took no further interest.

I spoke to the people on the next table and they said it was great but when I suggested it was a ufo they turned their backs and didn't want to know.

I showed it to my partner and we watched it for a while.

Passenger aeroplanes passed by without it moving but then it went away. A light silver plane flew over and when it had gone the craft reappeared. We watched it until it disappeared again and a Harrier jump jet flew over rather slowly. When it passed the craft returned. It was almost a spiritual experience. Every so often clouds of luminous substance I presume were ionic bursts of blue and orange were emitted from the craft. It was a truly amazing sight looking down on the streets with all the people walking by, bulders high up on construction sites and nobody aware of the craft. A heliuum filled balloon escaped and flew off in a different direction. It was as though all this was happening to remove all doubt that it could only be a craft. We had to collect our daughter and I said to her and her friend do you want to see a ufo and they laughed thinking I was having a joke. Walking back through Covent Garden I saw some one with a camera and asked him to take a picture but he could not speak English ! and I di dn't pursue the matter. We watched the craft until about 7.00pm. It did the most amazing thinks, appearing and disappearing instanly it was like blinking. Then a sort of brown cloud appeared around it and it disappeared and then returned. Eventually I had to take the children home.

This happened a few years ago but it is very much in my memory. I have a degree in analytical chemistry and was wearing a new set of contact lenses.

As a child I had many dreams of being abducted by aliens. One vivid one was of flashing lights at my bedroom window. I lived in a large house overlooking Elswick Park in NEwcastle upon Tyne England. In this dream I was the only person left. The aliens had everyone I knew and many other people I don't know where but I was aware of being the only one conscious. I also had dreams of beings in my bedroom thsat were so frighteneing that I would have to sleep with the light on and would always get into trouble for it but the trouble was never worse than the fear. Playing in the park one day I noticed a lump under my skin on my knee cap. I could mmove it around under the skin. It is not there now and I have not had it removed.

There is more things in my life but can be interpreted in rational terms so I will not go into them here. I have often wondered about hypnotic regression to see if it would reveal more of my dreams but am unsure about the technique. After seeing the craft I looked into ufo's and alien abduction so my mind may be contaminated with this information. I am still unsure whether to be contacted by an investigator but I assure that what I have written is true and would testify to it in a court of law or on anything that I hold dear.

Thank you.

((name deleted))