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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/1/2003 23:46 (Entered as : July 2003 23:46)
Reported: 9/29/2006 12:09:29 PM 12:09
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Santa Maria, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 minutes
Triangle Object over Pismo Beach, California

Me and my boyfriend at the time, now he is my fiance, decided to go hang out at Pismo Beach with our good friend. (It was a very clear night, not tipical of California Central Coast weather) We walked down to the sand and met up with a young man who calls himslef a Pismo Beach Local, he was homeless and had a dog with him. We all sat in a cirlce indian style and talked about life, existence, God ect...We then brought up UFO's and aliens and were talking about them as I often did with my fiance. Then my fiance lifted his head up and looked in the sky and said aloud, "That would be awsome if we saw a UFO RIGHT NOW, Oh my God you guys look!" Then I looked up and saw one cloud of marine layer over my right sholder and out of the midst came a traingular object with a bright white light on the front corner. The object appeared right over head, about the height of a two story house roof top, the object then lowered itself like a triangle shelf coming out of the sky, heading north, and was completeley visible overhead. The object was a triangle shape with white type lights on the corner edges of the triangle and some kind of movement or activity in the middle but I can not remember what exactly? None of us could remember in detail, to this very date, what was in the very middle of the object...but we(me, my fiance, and our friend) have agreed that there was some sort of activity going on in the middle, and I can not elaborate futher upon that. I felt an awsome aura come over ME in an instant and stood up with my arms in the air and I felt: That it was beutifull and "From The Almighty!" which came out of my mouth aloud. There was absolutely no sounds except for the surf of the beach. The object then lifted up just the same way it lowered itself pointing North, heading North. The were no other clouds or obstructions in the clear sky and the triangle still seemed to enfold in some kind of unseen slot in the open sky. We all saw the UFO and were so accepting it was like we had been expe! cting it The homeless man was surprised that my fiance "knew" it was comeing and was confused as to why we were so happy. I told the homeless man that I knew it was Gods Millennial Cherubim from my childhood knowledge and we are suppose to be accepting. We must recognize Him in all shapes and forms. This experience had given ME knowledge of some sort. I would not know how to describe to someone that was not there what happened for me mentally. But I can Faithfully say that I SAW God's Creation from beyond the Earth.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))