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Occurred : 2/22/2004 20:04 (Entered as : 02/22/04 20:04)
Reported: 10/13/2006 4:38:21 PM 16:38
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Stony Brook, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:5 seconds
Brilliant reddish-orange object with green tip; hovering then ascending at impossible speed

On the night of February 22, I had just pulled into the parking lot of the Borders books store and was finishing a cellphone conversation with my father. After about 10 minutes or so, I happened to glance out my car window and noticed an intensely bright, self luminous, circular object which had the appearance of being set ablaze with an electrically charged reddish-orange fire. My first impression was that I was looking at the afterburner of an extremely close range F-15 or F-18, but I was confused as to how the object could remain stationary and why the flame didn't taper to a point. I could hear nothing. It hovered motionlessly for about 3 seconds; during which time small flecks of golden colored light began to appear within it. The red light then pulsated and the object accelerated up and away from my point of observation on a northwestern trajectory. The acceleration occurred in two distinct stages. Stage one was incredibly fast and stretched a band of neon-like red light across the sky. Stage two was even faster as the tip of the object became green and what had previously been small golden flecks of light now also became stretched to form very narrow but sharp edged lines within the larger red band. Finally, as if someone had stretched and let go of a rubber-band, the tail end caught up with the tip as it vanished from sight hooking down slightly at the last moment. The entire event lasted approximately 5 seconds, but it still left me sitting in my car trembling a bit.

About a month later, I became so interested in what had happened that I decided to get some detailed maps of the area behind the Borders store front and check out what was back there. I roughly estimated the objects distance and began tracing my line of sight with a pencil. At 3 miles from my point of observation the pencil came to rest on the Stony Brook Nuclear Structure Laboratory. Naturally, this peaked my interest as I had already suspected that whatever I saw was plasma related. I've since spoken with a few of the professors who operate that facility and they've stated firmly that their equipment couldn't possibly have produced any energy related phenomenon outside of the building.

Having said that, I am now certain of five things that the object was not 1)It was not some ridiculously strange experiment of S.N.S.L. 2)It was not a meteor (it remained motionless for 3 seconds and ascended). 3)It was not a reflection in my car window or a hallucination (I've since found an independent NUFORC witness who saw it) 4)It was not a plane (impossible speed and hovering) 5)It was not a naturally occurring plasma phenomenon (perfectly circular shape and rapid acceleration) So what was it? Well, whatever it was, it seemed to express an interest in the Stony Brook Nuclear Structure Laboratory. There remains the possibility of coincidence. But the more I investigate this phenomenon the more I uncover a direct link between these objects and all things nuclear. This suggests definite intent. Whether or not extra-terrestrials are involved is a separate issue, but I now believe that these objects are physical, technological, and intelligently controlled.