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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/15/1978 19:30 (Entered as : 10/15/78 19:30)
Reported: 11/4/2006 7:28:50 PM 19:28
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Port St. Joe, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration:10-15 minutes
Sighting In Florida

I've never told anyone about this, mainly because of the circumstances, and the only other one that knows is the person I was with. Anyway, I was a sophomore in high school and I was with my girlfriend and I obviously didn't have a car, and we wanted to make out. We lived within a block of one another and two blocks down the street was a small playground, so we would go down there because there were no lights, so it was extremely dark, except when the moon was out, which it wasn't this night or we wouldn't have went. there was a small merry-go-round I think it's called. and we would sit on it and kiss and stuff. We were going at it when all of a sudden there was all this light coming from above us. It looked like this thing was right above the tree tops (there were alot of trees there), and it was weird, because you could see this thing, it was round and had different colored lights going around on the bottom with one big white round light in the middle, but what was weird about it was it was blowing the treetops apart so it could see us, but it didn't make a sound. You would think the trees would have a rustling sound or something, but there was no noise at all, I'll never forget it. It scared the hell out of us and we ran. There was a small three hole practice golf course across the road where people took golf lessons and perpendiculur to that a small canal that had a small bridge. We ran for our lives because we were so scared and when we ran, this "thing" followed us so I told my girlfriend to run towards the bridge and I was going to run across the golf course unless it followed her, then I was going to follow her to. Then when we split up this thing stopped, like it was confused and didn't know which way to go and I was looking over my shoulder and saw this and I stopped and then it just zipped away in the opposite direction like some kind of cartoon or something and I yelled at my girlfriend who was still running and she turned around and stopped and then turned back towards me an! d we reu nited and was walking home not really knowing what to say, but we agreed not to say anything because we figured everyone would think we were nuts, because back then this kind of thing was sort of unheard of, not like today, but most importantly because of what we were doing there, we didn't want to get in trouble. So, that's it. One thing I would like to add. I was watching a show about ufos on tv and I saw this story about these police officers chasing a ufo in I think it was Ohio and they showed and gave a description of the ufo that they saw, and I think that was the one where it was round with multi-colored lights. If I have the right one, I really can't remember (the one on tv), but that is exactly what we saw, exactly. It was eerie watching it, because it happened so long ago it seemed unreal until I saw the ufo special on tv. Anyway, that's my story, and I'd really rather not name names and stuff cause a.) I don't want anyone thinking I'm crazy, I don't really believe in anything, unless there's some kind of proof and even though I know what I saw, I still don't know what to think about it, and b.)my girlfriend back then, it's up to her to tell if she wants, personally I can understand if she doesn't. There's a reason I never told anyone about it and it's because no one would probably believe me.