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Occurred : 11/1/2006 20:00 (Entered as : 11/1/06)
Reported: 11/11/2006 5:44:35 AM 05:44
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Doncaster (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Balls of light, apearing zig zagging up and down, growing, shrinking and then disapearing

My grandmother was driving back to doncaster from Hull, it was aprox 8:00pm and it was pitch black outside. I was sat in the back seat and looking out at the stars as i have an intrest in them. I was looking at one particular star because it was so low down it seemed to be hovering over a smalll estate of houses in the distance but i just asumed that it was a greater distance than the others then something else struck me....was the star moving? I was entranced not to look away, I couldnt decide if it was moving because we were travelling in a car but I suddenly realised it was when it was closer and futher away from the other stars...thats when i realsied it wasn't a star. I decided it was a plane even though i couldnt see the usual blue and red flashing lights that planes usually have. I still kept watching the star/ball of light and then was it just me or was it gettnig bigger? i watched amoazed, i didnt call my nanna coz i was afraid that when i pionted it out to her that it would disapear. I watched the gettng bigger butit still remained as a ball of light then it began to shrink back down and then disapeard.

I was thinking about the strange star and gazing across the field out of the window when about 10 minutes later it happened again, i noticed a star that was lower and i again tried to figure out if it were moving but i realised alot fatser that it was when i watcehd as it began to dance around the sky, it was zig zagging and swirlying around and then got bigger..shrank and disaperaed for about 20 minutes after i was still shocked at what i had just seen but carried on looking out to the sky. We driving up towards a groupe of buildings when another star shot up from bhind the closest wharehouse/building and disapeared, it did accurr to me that perhaps the third star was a fire work but when we rounded the corner i saw behind the wharehouse/building was completely desterted then i thought it could of been a firework in the distant...but dont fireworks make noises? and they kind of sizzle out and leave tiny glints of silver when they shoot up...where as the as the moving stars didnt. I should eb traveling up in that direction in the next past week or so and this time Im taking a camara of some sort even if its my mobile phone.

These moving stars, where no bigger than normal real stars. They couldnt of been a plaen or helicopter as there was no noise, planes and hellicopters dont zig zag and dance around or get bigger and shrink then disapere. Like i say it was close to bonefire night, but these were certanially no fireworks.

They were small balls of light that apeared, shrank, grew and finally disapeared.

This may have just been one ball of light disapearing and appearing but overall it was really freaky.

When i am in the same place again I will take pictures of where I saw the objects and hopefull may be able to film the stars in action if they return. I havnt told anyone in fear of not being believed but this isnt the first time i have seen wierd things in the sky. I will try and send the imges in asap.

((NUFORC Note: One of two, seemingly credible reports from the same source. PD))