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Occurred : 11/23/2006 19:00 (Entered as : 11/23/2006 19:00)
Reported: 11/24/2006 10:56:18 AM 10:56
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Barnala Sherpur (village) (India),
Shape: Triangle
long cyclinderical or triangle ufo sighted in India

Hello, This is about a UFO sighting that was witnessed by me and 3 freinds on 23rd Nov 2006 near city of Barnala and was also viewable from 12 kms away from shergar village in Punjab state in INDIA.

Even though i know this sighting means nothing due to lack of any photo or movie because in India movie cameras are not so common and i didnt had a mobile camera , still i wanted to report it because i think someone else might confirm it.

As we were travelling on road in our car we observed 2 blinking lights which appeared far away but very much in height. They were blinking as two different lights one after the other making it look like two helicopters or planes moving together. But the time was 7:00 pm and it was dark as night so i realised there cant be some air show etc. After crossing baranala city and travelling almost 20 km from initial place of sighting. I could see those lights were not only one . So we pulled over near the village of sherpur and came out to see the lights clearly.

The lights now were sufficiently apart. And suddenly i realised there was another 2 lights placed somewhere between those two lights which blinked in a non orderly fashion. As we were watching two passing by persons also stopped to look at what we were pointing at. And also made me notice there was another red light which was further away from both almost in centre . And than another light started to blink which seemed to be on the opposite of the two. Making it look like a triangular shaped thing.

I would like to stress as we could see it from far away it was very very high and it should have been no less than a 1km long plane. And when i observed that with moving from one place to another while watching these lights , i clearly saw that the part between these three rectangularly placed lights i couldnt see background stars!! So it was something solid like a plaine.

And above all i couldnt believe why i did not stay there to watch it go . We saw for 15 minutes it was standing still. Than we kept on going on the road and from 20 kms i kept on looking behind till i could see them no more. I couldnt believe what i saw and i couldnt believe that how could i move from that place even when it was there.

There is a army air divcision in that area and it was almost exactly over that. Still i dont claim to know why it was there. But as i saw it ibelieve in it. And i will now on keep a camera but i doubt if i will ever get a chance to record it .The sighting lasted for almost 30 minutes.

I am waiting for news paper tommorow lets see if we get any news on that i will scan that send you. Thanks! I am now convinced these things are not only in America but in India and perhaps every part of the world. It is so foolish to see that developed countries and its people believe less in them. And there is nothing that can describe or make u imagine. But once you do look in skies and one day find out you will know.