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Occurred : 11/26/2006 02:00 (Entered as : 11/26/2006 2:00)
Reported: 12/1/2006 8:57:27 PM 20:57
Posted: 12/7/2006
Location: Morehead City, NC
Shape: Chevron
Duration:8 seconds
Nine chevron objects in two formations, Morehead City NC 11/26/06 2am

I woke up at 2:00am Saturday morning and went out side to have a cigarette.

While looking to the sky I saw four chevron shapes in a formation to the northeast moving pretty fast. As I turned to get a better look five more appeared to the left.

As the five came closer to the four almost parallel, the four broke formation, one changed into a ball of white light and the three were somehow connected to it by beams of light" like a mobile"

The three flew in a random twirling side to side of the center ball like being pulled, then they went back into formation and all nine flew behind the trees out of sight.

Each chevron had fourteen white lights. Two rows of seven per chevron. The craft flew with no sound.

This links to a drawing from March 3 1997 Morehead City and looks like the ones I seen.