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Occurred : 9/1/2006 22:00 (Entered as : 09/01/06 22:00)
Reported: 12/26/2006 3:59:59 PM 15:59
Posted: 2/1/2007
Location: Winnie, TX
Shape: Fireball
glowing ball over tx completely oblivious to people as they were to it...pic to prove

dear whomever it may concern, i just recently found out about this website so it has been over three months since this happened. First of all i would like to add the fact that i am a 26 year old private pilot that has been studying aviation since about the age of 10. i have extensive knowledge of 90% of aircraft that are on the civilian and military market. i am currently in college and me and a few of my friends were going down to the bolivar peninsula,tx (crystal beach) for labor day weekend. i am from houston so we took interstate 10 east to highway 124 through winnie,tx to get there. around 10 minutes after taking a right on to that highway i saw a helicopter moving parallel to these powerlines that was parallel to the road that we were travelling. what caught my attention was how close he was to the lines and i could clearly see how close he was to them because he was about 350 yards in front of our path.the road made a sway to the right and the farther that me and my friend traveled down this curved road,"at about 75-80mph, we gained alot of headway on the chopper. well, by the time the curve was overwith i had relized that the 350 yds i thought he had on us was really about 100 yds and it was "very" clear that it was not a was a glowing orange ball about three times the size of a basket ball. it was amazing" and it was moving at about 90 miles an hour parallel to the power lines."5 feet above them" and my friend was flooring his jeep to keep up with the thing and he did a good job of it too. it never made a sound but we were going so fast with the windows down i would have never heard it anyways. Believe me when i say this, we were hauling ass after this thing. This thing was a glowing ball and it was not emmitting any light at was like a big ball of candlelight but it looked like the size of a basketball from the altitude it was keeping. we followed the object for around 45 minutes when we came to a hill and a small community along the highway in between the peninsula and winnie and we watched the obje! ct fly a bout treetop level over that community and me and my friend watched as people were walking down the street, driving their cars, and were completely oblivious to what was just over their thing that i can tell you is that watching that made the whole thing very erie"...keep in mind that by this time we had been watching this thing for almost an hour .... what i saw that night was not un was obviously an aircraft but just not of human was of something else. me and my boy knew that nobody would believe us, so for about 20 minutes i tried to get the best picture possible with what we had and that was my camera phone...i t came out as crappy as the the phone camera but it is visible on the picture so anyone that would want to see it could. at the time of the picture the object was about 75yds in front of the truck just above the power lines until it slowed down and it was above us anywhere from 100 to 200 feet and instantaneously dissapeared...the only way to describe the way it is like someone turning off a lightbulb. it just vanished after almost an hour of following it..truly one of the most craziest things ive ever seen. i didnt even tell anyone other than my girl but i found this website and saw all of the other reports that were almost identical to what i saw and i felt like it was my obligation to write this... i am going to leave my information so i can be contacted just incase somebody wants to hear my story but i have been doing someresearch since this and i have found that these kinds of sightings happen all the time like everyday somewhere in the world...there is obviously not only a presence of unhuman technology but there is a "major presence" and people are always talking about the government and how they are keeping information from their people..i think that is only because they no nothing at all and there is absolutely nothing they can do. i know what i saw that night and there is nothing that an f-16 can do against and object that can move like th! at and d issapear at will...we are simply out of our technological league" that it is why it should be up to the people and private organizations such as this to find answers to questions dealing with this is obvious that nasa is censored by the national govt so dont think that some liberal elected politician is just going to walk into congress and demand answers to questions that dont exist" sincerely, !#$@% information will be given upon request.